Sabrina Santiago/Teresa Castillo | General Hospital Character & Actress

Sabrina ( Teresa Castillo)
Teresa Castillo as Sabrina Santiago. ABC, Inc.

Teresa Castillo debuted as nursing student Sabrina Santiago on General Hospital in late 2012. She was a rather plain-looking, shy young woman who had a crush on Patrick Drake, the widower of Robin Scorpio.

If you're an old movie fan, the name Sabrina conjures up the tomboyish Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina who comes back from Paris a glamour girl and wins the notice of William Holden. So the name is possibly not a coincidence.

And whenever you see a young woman in glasses, you just know a makeover is coming.

Even with her head down and going about her work, Sabrina posed a threat to the nasty Dr. Britt Westbourne, who wanted Patrick Drake, seemingly at any cost. Sabrina probably was threatening to the doctor because she had a warm relationship with Emma, Patrick's daughter, she had a sweet personality, a gentleness, and true compassion. These were all qualities that Britt had yet to demonstrate.

Britt went so far as to manipulate things to make Sabrina flunk out of nursing school, though she stood up for herself and demanded to be tested again. Low, Britt, low.

The new nurse became an integral part of the hospital part of the General Hospital fabric, responsible for making contact with Lucy Coe and bringing back the Nurses Ball.

The night of the Ball, Sabrina was made over, in part thanks to her new friend, fellow nurse Felix Dubois.


The young woman gained confidence and ultimately found romance with Patrick. They became engaged and planned to marry, unaware that Robin was alive. They became aware when she appeared at the back of the church as Patrick and Sabrina were saying their vows.


She and Patrick broke up after Patrick returned to Robin, though that reunion didn't last long.

  Sabrina's old boyfriend Carlos arrived in Port Charles, wanting to reconcile with her. Carlos, however, is a dangerous guy.

Sabrina learned she was pregnant, and Carlos offered to marry her and raise the child as his own, though it was Patrick's.  She refused; Patrick learned the child was his and remained a help during the pregnancy. 

Unfortunately, a car accident caused the baby, Gabriel, to be delivered prematurely, and he didn't make it.  Distraught, Sabrina returned to Puerto Rico for a time. When she returned, she was a different person, bent on revenge, still devastated about losing her son.

Sabrina learned that Rafe Kovich was hired to force the car off the road. She visited Carlos, now in prison, and he told her that Ava Jerome threatened to harm Sabrina if Carlos did not confess to the murder of A.J. Quartermaine.

Sabrina wanted Ava to suffer, so she switched Ava's medicine with misoprostol, which brings on premature labor. When Patrick obtained evidence of another suspect, Sabrina regretted what she had done, and tried to keep Ava from ingesting any more. She also confessed -- and was fired.

Carlos was released from prison after it was found that he had not committed a crime.

He wanted to leave the mob, but later appeared at Sabrina's with Johnny Zacchara, who had a gunshot wound. Zacchara required medical care but could not go to the hospital; the wound would be reported to the police.

Sabrina took care of Johnny's injury, and he and Carlos remained in hiding at her apartment. Carlos informed her that Ava was presumed dead since he shot her, and she fell into the river. 

Michael Corinthos hired Sabrina to work at the free clinic that he planned to build. The plans were put on hold, so he hired her as a nanny for his baby sister, Avery.

The fact that the baby was Ava's child caused Sabrina to be hesitant -- she had attempted to harm the baby before she was born. Kiki, Ava's daughter, objected. Knowing what she went through was an aberration and that she could never hurt Avery, Sabrina accepted the job.

Now she and Michael are in love, and the future looks bright for her. With Sonny injured, Michael is running his business -- does this mean that he will enter the mob organization like his father? Everyone hopes not....particularly Sabrina. 

Teresa Castillo

Long Beach, California native Teresa Castillo was born October 14, 1983.  She attended University of California at Irvine.

Professionally, she is a triple threat -- actress, singer, and dancer. She is a strong enough singer, in fact, to have played Maria in West Side Story. We're talking big high notes in that one!

As a dancer, Castillo has had extensive ballet training, as well as in tap and jazz. She was the lead in two other musicals: Little Shop of Horrors and Bye Bye Birdie, and she was part of a Disney/ASCAP workshop of Steven Schwartz's Alladin.

"Sabrina's" lovely singing voice was heard at the Nurse's Ball in a short solo, and then later in a duet with Emma Drake.

In her television work, Castillo has been prolific since 2005, with roles on episodes of Cold Case, 90210, CSI Miami, Bones, iCarly, Eagleheart, The Secret Life of an American Teenager, Franklin & Bash, How I Met Your Mother, and a TV movie, The Seven-Year Hitch in 2012. In 2012, she was put under contract by General Hospital.

She has also been active in commercials: McDonald's, Chevrolet, Trans Air, Lot 29 Clothing, and Johnson & Johnson.

Castillo has been married since 2008 to Shane Aaron, and the couple recently welcomed their first child, Victoria.  A second child is on the way.