Sacred Places to Visit in the United States

The British Isles and Europe don't have a monopoly on sacred places. There are a number of sites in the United States that are places of magical energy and power. Here are ten amazing places in the U.S. that draw natural energy from the earth.

The Bighorn Medicine Wheel in Powell, Wyoming, is one of the oldest known stone circles in North America. While no one knows exactly who built it or when, it is known as a place of great power and spiritual magic. Patti Wigington 2006

The Bighorn Medicine Wheel isn't easy to get to, but it's been recognized as a place of spiritual power for hundreds of years. Sacred to several Native American groups, the Medicine Wheel is steeped in mystery. The Crow, Lakota Sioux, and Cheyenne peoples all recognize the Medicine Wheel as a place of great power. If you go there, take the time to explore the path around the Wheel -- you'll be surprised at what you may hear!
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Sedona, AZ

Image by ImagineGolf/E+/Getty Images

Our Guide to Southwest Travel shares a look at the magical energy of Sedona. This site is known as a place where many spiritual seekers end up on their quest. Sedona is perhaps most famous for its spiralling energy vortexes, which draw people in from around the world.

Land's End Labyrinth, San Francisco, CA

Many people use labyrinths as problem solving and meditative tools. Image by Patti Wigington 2008

High on a rocky mountainside, just a few minutes from San Francisco, there is a labyrinth in a public park. Although it's right in the middle of a large city, there are few people who take the time to hike out to this labyrinth, which sits right above the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean. Take some time to check it out, because it's an absolutely magical place.

The Great Serpent Mound lies in a small rural community in southern Ohio. Patti Wigington

This mound is the largest known serpent effigy in North America. In some Native American legends, there is a tale of a large serpent who has supernatural powers. Although no one is certain why the Serpent Mound was created, it's possible that it was in homage to the great serpent of legend.
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Mt. Shasta, CA

Mount Shasta, California, USA
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Mt. Shasta, located in northern California, is not only one of the state's most beautiful sites, it also has a reputation of being a place of great magical energy. The Native Americans in the area believe it is the home of the Great Spirit. Today, it is a destination not only for hikers and campers, but for people in the metaphysical community seeking to nourish their spirit.

Lake Mills, Wisconsin, is the home of an ancient village. Image © Getty Images

Aztalan is one of Wisconsin's most notable historical and archaeological sites. It is the home of an ancient Middle-Mississippian village that thrived about a thousand years ago. Like many moundworks, this site is believed to contain some interesting spiritual energy. Although the village now called Aztalan has been empty for centuries, scientists did unearth one burial mound there. It contained the remains of a young woman dressed in elaborate seashell jewelry and beads, and some refer to her as "The Princess." Today, some people still leave offerings for the Princess on a special stone.
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At Ringing Rocks State Park, many of the stones vibrate and ring. Image © Getty Images

Ringing Rocks State Park is exactly what it sounds like - a park full of rocks that you can bang with a hammer. When struck, the rocks emit a ringing sound. The seven-acre field of rocks is open to the public. Although all the rocks at the park are composed of the same material, only about a third of them vibrate and ring when struck. Some visitors claim to have experienced metaphysical events while listening to the vibrations of the rocks.
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Mt. Kilauea, Maui, HI

Ancient Hula Dance for Pele at Firepit
Richard A. Cooke / Getty Images

Our Go Hawaii Guide shares with us tips on visiting Kilauea, on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Mt. Kilauea is known as a sacred place because it is home to Pele', the volcano goddess. Even today, the mountain is a destination for many people who follow ancient Hawaiian religious beliefs.

Mt. Denali, AK

Denali - Mt. McKinley
C. Fredrickson Photography / Getty Images

Denali, also known as Mt. McKinley, is the highest peak in North America. The word Denali means "high one" in the language of the local tribes, and the mountain is believed to be the home of many spirits. According to legend, a sun shaman named Sa lives on the mountain, and he is the master of life. Many visitors report seeing strange and unusual things at Denali.

America's Stonehenge, Salem, NH

Visitors to New Hampshire can check out America's Stonehenge. Image © Getty Images

Our New England travel Guide has some great information on the site known as "America's Stonehenge." Located in rural New Hampshire, this site has puzzled people for a while. Is it the remainder of some prehistoric society, or simply the work of bored eighteenth-century farmers? Regardless, many people find it a place of great peace and empowerment.

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