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Sacred Spaces - Collage of Serenity of Calm

Sacred Space Photos
Sacred Space Photos. Canva Collage

The Sacred Space Gallery is a showplace of reader submitted photographs of the places they feel are "sacred spaces." A sacred space can be a closet space in your home, a park bench in your neighborhood, sitting in the shade under the branches of a giant oak, or sitting in a canoe while floating down a stream. You decide what places are sacred to you!

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Crystal Altar

Crystal Altar. © Angelina Machado

Story by Angelina Machado

My Purpose for Creating a Sacred Space - My Sacred spaces are located in several places of my home now. I use it for prayer meditation or to journal and read and work. The serenity my Sacred space "My office" offers allows me to concentrate on exactly what i am in the room or space to achieve.

My husband and I are separated, and since he has moved out, by meditation and sacred spaces have flowed through more areas of my home.

The main altar is in my office as this was where I was most of the time alone.

I also have a lovely garden where I meditate and pray. Sometimes my two dogs join me and it's a joy to be outside with them.

We sit and enjoy the breeze and the sun and the sound of the birds and the gleam of the lake. On this lake many angels and orbs have appeared to me.

I have another meditation area I can play music and light my blessing candles and reflect.

I have recently made another sacred space in my bedroom with crystals.

I have a lot of healing to do since the separation.

Tips and Tricks

  • The sacred spaces I have chosen can be anywhere in your home, even my closet is in perfect order that I can walk inside and enjoy the colors textures and fabrics.
  • The bathroom surrounded by candles and bathing salts and soothing sounds
  • My office/ has a beautiful antique family heirloom alter with photographs of my family and prayer books candles and crystals.
  • My living room, a comfortable blanket to sit on the sofa lovely pillows and my table has a carved wooden tray with candles and oils and crystals for meditation.
  • Before my mediation and during I burn sage to cleanse and burn Sai Flora to meditate.
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Medicine Wheel Garden

Garden in Maine Medicine Wheel Garden. © BlathinBeag

Story by BlathinBeag

At the entrance of the walking path to the 40' diameter medicine wheel garden is an arbor surrounded by wildflowers.

Hummingbirds and butterflies zing about in the west where red flowers have been planted including: bee balm, echinacea, yarrow, mallow, poppy, carnations, aster, nasturtium, cosmos and more.

In the North white flowers have been planted including: echinacea, feverfew, boneset, cosmos, cohosh, baby's breath, impatiens, poppy, moonflower, morning glory, scented nicotiania jasmine and sunflowers.

In the East, are yellow flowers including: calendula, echinacea, gazanias, sunflowers, cosmos, poppy, zinnia and more.

In the South, there are purple flowers including: delphiniums, lobelia, iris, lavenders, hyssop, violets, pansy, anchusa, New England aster, cupid darts, mallow, giant zinnias, lilacs and more.

Flowers are planted outside of the medicine wheel formation. There is old and new in the wheel. There is tradition and then there are also things that are non-traditional (e.g walking paths).

On a perfect day, there is time to enjoy the hammock in the garden with eagles soaring above us.

Lessons Learned

  • There is something healing about slowing down, digging in dirt and taking time for reflection.
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Zen Space

buddha sacred space photo
Oasis in Manhattan Zen Space in Manhattan. (c) Sue Martin

story by Sue Martin

My purpose of creating my Zen space was to have an oasis to escape to within the city of Manhattan. Everyday living in a chaotic environment can take a toll on you mentally and physically. It was important for me to have a calm place to come home to, to get grounded or simply sit.

This space is located in West Cheslsea, NYC. The Buddha poster, color scheme, trees and clean lines create this Zen space. I love to share the space with out of town guests so they can feel its healing properties.

Tips and Tricks

  • What makes the space special are all the little touches... bamboo poles to hang the oversized poster... colors... bringing nature indoors to reap their healing benefits.
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Basement Conversion

Sound Proof Sacred Space. (c) Randy Gott

story by Randy

My sacred space is a room in the basement all cement with one small window, and full of shelves. So my wife Luisa and I put up some sheets, and made it very special. I smudged my space of negative energy put my cd player in. Since it is almost sound proof I find doing mantras in this space so much better. I love my sacred space. Love and peace.

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Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel
Sacred Circle of Stones Medicine Wheel. David McNew/Getty Images

We Care Spa and Resort, Desert Hot Springs, CA

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Prayer Wall

Fort Mehrangar in Jodhpur, India Prayer Wall in Jodhpur, India. (c) Morgan Wagner
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Sun Streak

Sun Streak. (c) Mary Ann Urda
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Harmony Hill Labyrinth

Sacred Geometry Path Harmony Hill Labyrinth. Close-up photo image © dsaarinen

Stone Labyrinth at Harmony Hill Retreat in the Catskill Mountains in New York.

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Freddie Frog's Sacred Space

Brandy Oliver

Freddie the frog has is own sacred space. Tight enough so that he won't get stepped on or bothered, and wide enough to soak up the sun. At night he goes to sleep under the deck.
~Brandy Oliver

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Sacred Altar

Kristy's Sacred Altar Sacred Altar. Kristy Inanna Morton

Bright Blessings,

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Backyard Garden

garden photo
Rainbow Bridge Reflections Rainbow Bridge Reflections. (c) Brandy Oliver

story by Brandy Oliver

This small corner garden in our backyard in Florida is a resting place for many animal family members that have passed on. Their spirits have gone to rainbow bridge, their physical remains fertilizing this garden. The garden is secluded, no one can see you when you sit in that chair. It is a sacred place for reflection and alone time.

There is a recent story about this sacred place as well: It had been awhile since we kept-up this garden spot and weeds were overgrown everywhere. Some friends were staying at our house and they called us to tell us that it was such a nice day out that they pulled all the weeds from this spot, spread fresh mulch and trimmed the plants. They said you could now see a beautiful grave marker that pictures one of our dogs going over rainbow bridge. Within 1/2 hour after they finished, a rainbow appeared across a clear sky in our back yard. They even took a picture of the rainbow. I got chills when they told me the story, still do.

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Roof Entrance from Hopi Ceremonial Room Kiva. photo (c) Mary Ann Urda

Roof entrance of Hopi Kiva

In the Hopi culture kivas were used for communal gatherings and spiritual rituals.

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Dalai Lama Palace

Dalai Lama Palace
Lhasa, Tibet Dalai Lama Palace. © HD Hasselbarth
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Staircase to Heaven

photo of staircase
A Romantic Getaway Staircase to Heaven. Brandy Oliver

A beautiful stairway, looks like it goes to heaven, but it takes you to a romantic getaway.
~Brandy Oliver

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Tomb of the Holy Man Essau

Holy Man Tomb
Ben Moro, Morrocc Holy Man Tomb. photo © HD Hasselbarth
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Mountains of Tibet
Lhasa Tibet Mountains of Tibet. © HD Hasselbarth
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Ancient Tree

Grand Mere State Park, Southwest Michigan Ancient Tree. © Lisa Ledger
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Grassy Beach - Grand Mere State Park, Southwest Michigan

Grassy Beach photo
Grassy Beach. © Lisa Ledger
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Quiet Reflections

Grand Mere State Park, Southwest Michigan Quiet Reflections. © Lisa Ledger
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Sacred Sedona Stones

Stacked Stone Markers Sacred Sedona Stones. photo (c) Brandy Oliver

Secluded place in Sedona, Arizona

story by Brandy Oliver

Look at the stones, they are all stacked on top of each other. This sacred space is a secluded place in Sedona where they say there is a Vortex. What Makes it So Special My husband, Joe Oliver, a flutist and an advanced EFT Practitioner played his flute in the middle of these stones. It was so quiet and still, all you could here was a slight breeze through the trees every now and then, and the sound of the flute. Lessons Learned When people find this sacred space, they leave their mark by making their own marker of stones. Wish I could capture the moment and save it for another space and time.

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Cactus Silhouette

Desert outside Quartzsite, Arizona Cactus Siluette. Glenda L. Hughes
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Light Cross

Southwest Montana Light Cross. Glenda L. Hughes

Glenda says "This cross of light appeared in the campground where I mine quartz crystals in SW Montana"

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Sunset Swirl

Beautiful sunset on the desert outside of Quartzsite, Arizona. Glenda L. Hughes
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Peaceful Tree

Bonawe Ironworks in Argyll, Scotland Peaceful Tree. Christine Farrell

Christine Farrell shares a photo of her peaceful tree. She uses it as her desktop pic on her computer.

Christine says "This picture was taken one day early April 2006. My younger son was on holiday from school and I decided to take a day with him and we would go for a drive. We headed up past Loch Lomond and west into Argyll. This photo was taken at Bonawe Ironworks in Argyll. I didn't actually take photos of any of the various bits of buildings - just this tree. I find it really peaceful, though one or two friends that I've shared it with have found it very stark and depressing - this includes the son who was with me! I suppose it depends very much where you start from, what your feelings or receptions or results will be. I have never before really wanted to share a particular photo with a wider audience. But this particular photo - I just love it."

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California Clouds

Murrieta, California California Clouds. Kathy Ellis

Clouds at Sunset / Clouds after the storm. Kathy says photos were "Taken during the month of October 2006 in front of my house in Murrieta, California."

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Cape Carancahua

Dawn at Cape Carancahua, Texas Dawn at Cape Carancahua. Cherry McCasland
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San Francisco Bay

Serenity on the Water Serenity on the Water. Teri Robert

I've always found peace and serenity on the water. I grew up near a river, living in a house along the river bank as a child. When I visualize for meditation, it's usually of a river or ocean. Even in the middle of a busy conference day, during a time for networking, being on the water caused me to pause to enjoy the sacred and the serene as we sailed on San Francisco Bay.
~ Teri Robert

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Beach in Australia

Sand and Sky. Mary Ann Urda
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Outback Sunrise

Oz, Australia Outback Sunrise. Cheryl Hutchinson, Oz (Australia)

Sunrise photograph from my favourite morning meditation spot on my front verandah, overlooking the house dam in the front paddock. I am blessed in that I have a number of beautiful places to choose from where I can sit, stand or lie down & take in the tranquility of my surroundings but this is my favourite of all.

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The Lady's Well

Holystone, Northumberland, England The Lady's Well. (c) Terry Walsh

Ancient well believed to have been constructed by the Romans on the site of a natural spring.

In the mid 12th century Holystone became the home of a priory of Augustinian Canonesses, at which time the Well was repaired and adorned with a cross. Since then the Well has been known as The Lady's Well and a statue was later installed during the 18th C. to represent Paulinus. The clear pool lies silent amongst a small grove of trees, protected by a fenced enclosure. It is a very peaceful place today and it is difficult to imagine the crowds of pilgrims who must have visited here in centuries past.

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Sacred Space Angels

Angelic Gift Shop and Holistic Healing / Teaching Center Sacred Space Angels. (c) Nora Mae Riley

This is a picture of our meditation room and our room we hold our Sacred Space classes in. Sacred Spaces is an Angelic Gift Shop and Holistic Healing / Teaching Center helping everyone to discover the sacred space within.

Have you created a personal sacred space in your home and would like to see it featured in this sacred space gallery? If so, please take a photograph of it and submit it along with a short description of what you use it for.

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Koi Pond Sacred Space

Koi Pond. Gail Little Smyth
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Pure Inspiration Pure Inspiration. photo (c) Brandy Oliver

Pure inspiration - taken from the deck in our backyard.
~Brandy Oliver

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Mountain Pathway

Mt. Baker, Washington Mountain Pathway. Donna J Carver

View from western side of Mt. Baker

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Winter Garden

Winter Garden. Jacquelynn Pride
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The Mountain

Appalachians The Mountain. Jone Johnson Lewis

Jone Johnson Lewis, About Guide to Women's History, says The Mountain is "a place I go for rejuvenation and peace." The view is off the back porch of the Lodge (photo was taken July, 2002).

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Sugar Maple Canopy

Sugar Maple Canopy. David Beaulieu

Landscaping expert David Beaulieu says "For me, there's nothing like having a good tree in your backyard when you need a place to meditate. I find it especially relaxing to lie under my big maple in the autumn and watch the sunlight filter through the canopy. But an established, well-placed tree is a sacred element of the landscape at any time of the year."

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Three Views of Cathedral Rock

Sedona, Arizona Three Views of Cathedral Rock. BlissfulBeader

BlissfulBeader says "Our sacred space is our home in Sedona and our view of Cathedral Rock is our inspiration."

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Meditation Altar

Photo Credit: © Lady Di

The meditation area has wrought iron candle holders, glass wrought iron table, collection of brass and candles creating an inspirational space. The altar area is used in Lady Di's massage/reiki treatment room and serves as a storage space for oils, gems, books, etc

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La Push

Pacific Ocean to the glaciers of Mt. Olympus La Push, Washington. Whitehorse Woman

A place where whales come and dive deeply within the waters.

For thousands of years the Quileute people and the ghosts of their ancestors lived and hunted the lands in and around La Push, Washington. Their traditional lands stretched from the Pacific Ocean to the glaciers of Mt. Olympus. A-Ka-Lat, the large island off their homeland, is where they buried their most important members of their tribe.

It is a place where whales come and dive deeply within the waters. They will assist you if you choose to ride upon them and dive deeply within yourself. It is a place where eagles feed in the waters where the whale breaches then soars ever higher until they can no longer be seen. These eagles will assist you in leaving yourself behind and joining with the spiritual realm if that is your desire. The ancient ones may also come to you and assist you in the personal work you are doing at the time of your visit. It is a place of wonder and mystery that also assist artist in allowing their work to flow freely from their hands.

If you walk along the beach here starting at the north you can watch the harbor seals feeding in the Quileute River as well as the many seagulls and pelicans who use this harbor as a resting place. The walk south along the beach brings you to the cliff walls at the end. Here when the tide is low you can enter the sea cave and let the Earth surround you.

The way to La Push.

From La Push there are three other beaches that you can visit. Second beach is about a half mile and has a three quarter mile walk through forest to a stair covered cliff that leads to the beach. This beach as great tide pools with all kinds of intertidal life. Third beach is about two miles from La Push. It is a 1.5 mile hike through the woods and is fairly private when you arrive. Rialto Beach is about 12 miles away with Mora campgrounds right before it (wonderful wooded place where one could spend weeks just being). Rialto is the most rugged of the beaches, a place where watching the tide is not only compelling but a must in order to stay safe.

It matters little what it is that your soul needs for at La Push it can be found within a matter of only minutes. One last thing, if you go there you will not find phones or tvs in the place you rent. There never has been and never will be. The only cell phone service is about four miles inland so you have to leave to use those cell phone or to receive a call.


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City Park Tree

Shannon's Leaning Tree My Leaning Tree. Shannon Chester

Shannon says "This is a little spot I've discovered at a city park about 5 minutes from my house. The energies are very strong here. I usually sit leaning back against this tree and clear my mind; I've had many visions and wonderful meditations here." (The second picture is a closeup of the same tree)

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Cathedral Rock

Sedona AZ Sedona's Cathedral Rock w/ Dreamcatcher. George J Marcelonis
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Corner Chaise Lounger

My Favorite Alone Place. Phylameana lila Désy

I still remember when I saw this rose-colored chaise in the display window in a local shop on our city's main street. It was originally purchased to be placed in our upstairs solarium that adjoins the master bedroom. It is currently sitting in the corner of my healing room. It doesn't seem to matter where it rests, my body naturally gravitates to it whenever I'm seeking solace.

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Our Lady of Grace Grotto

St. Mary's Church, West Burlington, IA Our Lady of Grace Grotto. Photo taken by Joe Desy

This Rock Garden of Peace sacred place is a Catholic refuge. But you don't have to be of the Catholic faith to soak in the good vibes from this blissful garden.

Our Lady of Grace Grotto, located east of St. Mary's Church in West Burlington, Iowa, was begun in the spring of 1929 by two Benedictine priests, Fr. M. J. Kaufman and Fr. Damian Lavery, the designer. Built during the depression years, many of the creators were unemployed and welcomed something to do. Despite the challenging time of the depression years, it was in hope and faith that the grotto was dedicated by Rev. H.P. Rohlman, Bishop of Davenport (Iowa). The grotto, erected in memory of Our Lady of Grace, was built entirely of donated rocks. Contributions were received from every state and many foreign nations. Many of the rocks came from the Holy Land. Inside the grotto the stature of the Blessed Virgin Mary is flanked by two seashells, one from the Atlantic Ocean and one from the Pacific Ocean. It's domed interior sparkles with the glint of quart crystals found in geodes.

For several years after its completion, the grotto was a tourist attraction. Pastors and parishioners worked to maintain its loveliness. In the fifties and sixties the grotto fell into decay. Trees and shrubs grew so tall that the shrine was no longer visible. The once colorful sunken garden was overgrown with vegetation. Then in 1973 the people of St. Mary's, under the leadership of pastor Fr. Jack Denning, began again. Many volunteer hours were spent hauling away the refuse accumulated during the years of neglect. The crumbled walks and steps were replaced, the ponds repaired, and new electrical and plumbing facilities were installed to replace the old.

On August 15, 1974, the Feast of the Assumption, Most Rev. Gerald O'Keefe, Bishop of Davenport, rededicated the grotto with 700 parishioners and friends celebrating their accomplishment.

Over the years, parishioners have volunteered their efforts to the task of restoration and necessary improvements, including a new fountain and ceramic tile Stations of the Cross. Many of the shrubs have been replaced, perennials have been planted, and mulch and river rocks added as part of a landscaping plan. Continued effort goes toward maintaining the ponds and replacing geodes.

Our Lady of Grace Grotto continues to be one of Iowa's more interesting stops for visitors. It is a garden of peace, inviting people to reflect on their faith.

Text source - St. Mary's Pamphlet

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Ohio Water Falls

Ohio Water Falls. (c) Mary Ann Urda