The Sad, Beautiful Ghost

Katie encounters the apparition of a beautiful lady in white that turned out to be a ghost

The incident happened 20 years ago. I was 16 at that time (I'm 35 now). I live in Cebu City, Philippines. We lost our house because of fire, one of the biggest tragedies in my life. It happened on November 26, 1990, so it was almost Christmas. My eldest sister, who is 12 years older than I, was already married that time.

She was residing in Mindanao, one of largest islands in my country. She asked me and my older brother to spend Christmas with them.

My sister and her husband used to live in an old rented bungalow house. It's a pretty house, large lawn, surrounded by big trees. They also have a kitchen at the back of the house with a servants' quarters with a separate bathroom.

One night, since my brother was using the bathroom inside the house, and I was about to go out to attend a party, I decided to use the bathroom outside. I really didn't believe in ghosts or anything like that before, but that particular night changed everything.

On my way to where the servants' quarters is located, I passed through a large, old acacia tree. There I saw a beautiful young lady wearing a white nightgown. She had long black hair and she looked normal to me. I nodded at her and she just stared at me, like she was startled.

As I got closer to her, I realized that her eyes were pure red. I tried to close my eyes and wiggle my head to make sure that I was awake. She was still standing there, but it seemed like she was about to cry.

I was about to asked her what she was doing there, but she suddenly vanished. I told my sister, her husband and everyone inside the house.

We all went out to look for her, but she was nowhere to be found. The owner of the house said that she heard several stories regarding "the lady in white" since she was still a girl. The house was built by her grandparents during the 1920s.

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