Sagittarius New Moon - December 11th, 2015

Bright Arrow, Bright Future

Oceanside - Image: Dave and Les Jacobs for Getty Images.


Be encouraged at the New Moon, and breathe in the spirit of Sagittarius -- let it revive your weary soul, and bring the twinkle back to your eyes.

Sun and Moon -- the luminaries -- are at 19 degrees Sagittarius, a merry fire sign.  The Archer shows us where to aim, and what to aspire to.  

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Venus and Neptune 

The jovial heart of the Archer is restless for inspiration, friendship and love, with a Venus and Neptune confab that stirs up longing.

 The presence of the love planet (Venus) and its own higher octave (Neptune) makes it a retreat to muse on deepest desires.

The toughest entanglements with others could be dissolved now, and this is freeing.  I often find with letting go, the magic ingredient in the elixir is forgiveness.  

And against the Sagittarius backdrop, we can let go of those whose ideologies or philosophies are taking them in a different direction.  In this confusing time of dueling world views, each of us has to find our true north, and find stability in staying true to that path.

Spirited Sagittarius

The Sagittarius New Moon is on December 11th, 2015.  The days grow short and dark for many of us, so it's a cosmic sync that the inner light is stoked.

Now the Moon will wax (increase) to a Full Moon in Cancer on Christmas Day (Dec. 25th).

The inspiriting themes of Sagittarius are freedom, highest aspiration, wisdom, questing, travel, enlightened minds, kindred spirits, friend to all, gregarious friendships and togetherness (without being stifling.)

It's time to seek out an inspired vision, one that is ignited by others also catching fire with ideas and enthusiasm. You become part of something bigger than yourself, while also sensing your unique mission, gifts to share.

Sagittarius is about fusion without necessarily knowing how it happens. Dots get connected, and what you're aware of fuses into a focused intention.

And it's about being loyal to your own sense of what's true.  You won't want to miss anything the muse and spirit send your way!

Spark of Life

If you've felt overwhelmed with inertia, this could be the spark to act on what's naturally emerging.  Uranus (Aries) is in a trine, for a rocketing blast of enthusiasm for something new.  

Uranus in Aries is all about courage and new beginnings, and at this New Moon, Sun and Moon are in a friendly angle.  There could be surprises or flash brilliance that beckons to a future you can get excited about. 

It's a fire sign New Moon for spending time with the Muse, and having wakeful dream-adventures.  Or you might want to be creatively hands-on with your visioning, and make a collage.

The set-up hints at expecting the unexpected like wild shock waves that come out of the blue.  Your attention is your aim, or energetic arrow -- what is drawing your questing eye?

Fire has a way of burning off dead wood, and Neptunian fog. 

How?  By being present in the moment.  The dark of the Moon is time to engage directly with life, instead of with an intermediary.  I like this from Rumi, passed on from Jamie Walters of Sophia's Children.

Stand still and be quiet.

You're drunk and standing at the edge of the roof."

This lunation (New Moon) is one to soak up inspiration, to be ready for anything.

Uranus is the awakener that can serve up a wake-up call, like a splash of cold water after a long sleep.  Pluto asks what else needs to be composted, deconstructed or scythed off completely. 

It's time for a burning vision of a brighter future.