Sagittarius New Moon in the Houses

Light in the Dark

Heart Arrow - Image: Elisa Sferrazza / EyeEm.

Astro Note for 2016:  The Sagittarius New Moon is on November 29th -- Sun and Moon meet at 8 degrees Sagittarius. 

The big theme of the Sagittarius New Moon is freedom. Both luminaries (Sun and Moon) are in swift, bright Sagittarius, and seasonally, this lunation is in the darkest days, as the Winter Solstice nears (for the North). This is a New Moon for trusting your instincts, and the light within.

A fiery charge lifts spirits, and gets you moving mentally and physically. Look to the Houses for what's up.

Sagittarius New Moon in the First House: (House of Aries and Mars)

It's likely your Rising sign is Sagittarius -- did you know many famous personalities have this Ascendant? There's a mood boost of your naturally outgoing persona. This lunation brings back that "happy for no particular reason" trait that is contagious and opens doors. Possible happenings: urge to renew your self-image; acting on high physical energies; getting social. Stage a come-back; be a light for others; embody faith in life.

Sagittarius New Moon in the Second House: (House of Taurus and Venus)

Stay alert to inspired ideas for new sources of income that align with your values. A massive de-cluttering of your possessions is freeing -- what lifts and what drains? Recycle or gift your belongings, letting go of what's out of synch.

Make space for an inspired vision, possibly with steps to making it happen. Dreams are full of practical magic, and seem so real. You can have a breakthrough with money beliefs. Possibilities: beginning a project that's physically AND mentally engaging; travel to gain new skills; import/export; visions for your art or artisan inclinations; useful networks with shared interests; the wisdom of solid growth.

Sagittarius New Moon in the Third House: (House of Gemini and Mercury)

Are you feeling socially restless? It's a lunation to stir up new ideas for local experiences that have a wide philosophical reach. A book club is one idea, or joining a foreign language meet-up at the cafe. Exchanges in your 'hood, and with siblings, extended family can be enlightening. Make your commute a time for mind-expansion or meditation. Possibilities: New fascinations lead to further study; making friends; starting a journal; collecting inspiration.

Sagittarius New Moon in the Fourth House: (House of Cancer and the Moon)

Time to find inspiration at home, and from your own family's cultural roots. You could start a new tradition! A lunation to re-animate your space, with color, energized gatherings and what elevates your spirits. Take down anything that narrows your world, put up what expands it. Reclaiming ancestral traditions or resolving old patterns with practices that "take you on a journey." Be watchful of dreams, as they illustrate the big picture. Possibilities: Seeing the roots of a belief or habit and being freed from it; hosting eclectic groups in your home; creating sacred space for inward journeying.

Sagittarius New Moon in the Fifth House: (House of Leo and the Sun)

Energy is freed up to have adventures and take creative risks. A physically vigorous way of expressing yourself is cathartic. Your sense of theatrics comes out, for taking your "audience" on a journey. Your personal charisma works for you in job interviews, talking to colleagues, winning anyone over to your idea. Possibilities: leisure pursuits become a possible point of expansion or income; making time for play and being regenerated by it; being active with children; taking on a teaching/mentor role; seeing a future for your particular creativity.

Sagittarius New Moon in the Sixth House: (House of Virgo and Mercury)

Your Sagittarius-flavored sixth house is on fire with ideas for well being, and squeezing out more from your day.

Movement is your favorite way of shifting energy, detoxing, clearing your head. This lunation, be alert to fresh offerings and epiphanies. Heat (the fire of Sagittarius) is a healer in your world. Sitting in the sauna, steam room or hot tub is purifying and meditative too. Your sphere of service could widen, as you make connections and see the big picture. Possibilities: getting involved with a global cause; considering taking health to next level (like becoming a yoga teacher); realizations about the mind-body-spirit connection; going far with a healing session.

Sagittarius New Moon in the Seventh House: (House of Libra and Venus)

The spirit of freedom is alive in your significant relationships. Now you affirm your loyalty to your vision, friendship and freedom to grow. Some relationships will be re-set, to match your vibe. Be clear with your intent and if ready, call in kindred spirits to be companions on the journey. Epiphanies about your beliefs and how they shape your intimate affairs. Possibilities: Long-distance love affairs; inter-cultural friendships; finding a foreign audience for your work; amazing truth telling session with lover or close friend.

Sagittarius New Moon in the Eighth House: (House of Scorpio and Pluto)

Are you sensing it's time to shatter old preconceptions? The eighth is about metamorphosis, and with a Sadge flavor, you transcend old beliefs, freeing up energy to transform. An inspiration that reaches your soul pulls out potentials that have been undeveloped.

You can recharge your commitment to becoming -- your vision keeps you going, facing your darkest fears and tapping into wild powers. Possibilities: catharsis through sex or other intensely physical activities; going through a crisis and emerging wiser; merging resources, (or unmerging); looking at support from others - what strings are attached?; seeking freedom to change without restrictions.

Sagittarius New Moon in the Ninth House: (House of Sagittarius and Jupiter)

A Sagittarius lunation in its own natural house is mighty powerful for divine inspiration. If you're in a rut, it's time for a revival, and perhaps travel or a surge toward new fields of learning. Look for new ways to get moving, social and enjoying a wide circle of friends. This is a chance for a growth spurt, in a quest for spiritual wisdom or knowledge. You might find yourself teaching or meet an inspired guide that embodies who you'd like to become. Possibilities: Global reach and connections; face time with animals; trying out new sports; learning from friends (and vice versa); considering a move or extended travel.

Sagittarius New Moon in the Tenth House: (House of Capricorn and Saturn)

This lunation can put your desire to make your mark in perspective. Your passion for a particular field is awakened, and becomes a possible vocational path. A breakthrough regarding power and your ability to manifest what you want. A vision for the long term that's solid AND inspiring enough for commitment. Exchanging philosophies about personal authority, and trends of power in society.

Possibilities: Wisdom about your life's work; setting a goal of achievement; musing on power.

Sagittarius New Moon in the Eleventh House: (House of Aquarius and Uranus)

The fresh currents hit your area of friendships, unique genius, and the unprecedented. A fiery jolt out of the blue is your path to a new beginning. Any new Moon downloads are ahead of their time, possibly wierd, provocative, and at odds with the "norm." You might be drawn to unusual people or join up with visionaries. Collaboration is big here, but so is individuality. Your quirks endear you to others and more than ever, you're willing to speak freely, regardless of the consequences. New beginnings come through soulstorming/brainstorming with others; going supernova with your friend list (expanding to the far corners); unusual romances or alliances; creative acts of rebellion.

Sagittarius New Moon in the Twelfth House: (House of Pisces and Neptune)

Time to go in the man/woman cave, but for active visioning. Your Sagittarius twelfth house gives you a prophetic seer kind of vision. When you surrender in good hands, to a higher current, you're surprised at what's delivered. Your insights are potentially a healing force, through imaginative works. Possibilities: past life dreams; vivid breakthroughs in your inner world; "traveling" in your dreams; healing karma and releasing ancient history.