Sagittarius Rising

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Personality Traits: sunny, quick to laugh, funny, blunt, adventurous, playful, intellectually curious.

Body and Style: big smile, athletic build, thick in hips, long torso, strong legs, colorful taste, eclectic and exotic style.

Rising Signs refer to the constellation of traits observed by others.  And it's how you move about, your responses and way of engaging. 

Sagittarius is the bright fire sign that's on the move, philosophically and physically.


The Sagittarius rising sees strangers as friends they haven't met yet. Your openness is disarming. You make friends easily, but keep a light hold on relationships. You have the personality of someone "in motion" and this makes you dynamic. You are spontaneous and a risk-taker, if the chance comes up. You keep your eyes on the horizon, and are apt to enjoy global travel. You embrace cultural differences and delight in on-the-spot learning. You want to learn from living, not just from a book.

You're the eternal student, and like to keep pushing yourself to try new things. You may be into endurance sports, or yoga, and strive to go beyond your personal best. Your body is typically lean and strong. You are open to sexual experimentation, and may play the field for a long time before settling down.

Your chart is Jupiter-ruled, since the planet of luck rules Sagittarius. This gifts you with a personality that's warm and inviting.

Many famous people have this rising sign, since the good feelings you generate are contagious. You have a way of spreading inspiration and fun wherever you go.

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