Salem Witch Trials Mapped

Where Victims and Accusers Lived

Salem Village Map from Upham
Salem Village 1692. Public Domain Image, originally from Salem Witchcraft by Charles W. Upham, 1867.

Understanding of the Salem witch trials involves keeping a lot of details straight, including who lived near whom.

Different theories about the causes of the wave of accusations, or how they spread, rely in part on who lived in proximity to whom.  Some theories, for instance, stress that the disposition of property (especially that held by widows) was one trigger for accusations.  Some stress that the craze reflected rivalries between those in Salem proper and those in Salem Village.

Charles Upham created this map for his 1867 Salem Witchcraft by consulting a variety of maps and also from local visits.  He tried to show all the houses as they were placed in 1692 within Salem Village, and a few others nearby (see Arabic numerals 1, 2, 3... below).  The list below gives who was known to occupy the house in 1692, followed by later owners or occupants. For many, the site of the house is conjecture, indicated in the list below with the abbreviation "c."

The following is adapted from the list in Upham's Salem Witchcraft.

Abbreviations Used in This List

s. The same house believed to be still standing.
s.m. The same house standing within the memory of persons now living.
t.r. Traces of the house remain.
c. The site given is conjectural.

Houses in Salem Town

1. John Willard. c.
2. Isaac Easty.
3. Francis Peabody. c.
4. Joseph Porter. (John Bradstreet.)
5. William Hobbs. t.r.
6. John Robinson.
7. William Nichols. t.r.
8. Bray Wilkins. c.
9. Aaron Way. (A. Batchelder.)
10. Thomas Bailey.
11. Thomas Fuller, Sr. (Abijah Fuller.)
12. William Way.
13. Francis Elliot. c.
14. Jonathan Knight. c.
15. Thomas Cave. (Jonathan Berry.)
16. Philip Knight. (J.D. Andrews.)
17. Isaac Burton.
18. John Nichols, Jr. (Jonathan Perry and Aaron Jenkins.) s.
19. Humphrey Case. t.r.
20. Thomas Fuller, Jr. (J.A. Esty.) s.
21. Jacob Fuller.
22. Benjamin Fuller.
23. Deacon Edward Putnam. s.m.
24. Sergeant Thomas Putnam. (Moses Perkins.) s.
25. Peter Prescot. (Daniel Towne.)
26. Ezekiel Cheever. (Chas. P. Preston.) s.m.
27. Eleazer Putnam. (John Preston.) s.m.
28. Henry Kenny.
29. John Martin. (Edward Wyatt.)
30. John Dale. (Philip H. Wentworth.)
31. Joseph Prince. (Philip H. Wentworth.)
32. Joseph Putnam. (S. Clark.) s.
33. John Putnam 3d.
34. Benjamin Putnam.
35. Daniel Andrew. (Joel Wilkins.)
36. John Leach, Jr. c.
37. John Putnam, Jr. (Charles Peabody.)
38. Joshua Rea. (Francis Dodge.) s.
39. Mary, wid. of Thos. Putnam. (William R. Putnam.) s. [Birthplace of Gen. Israel Putnam. Gen. Putnam also lived in a house, the cellar and well of which are still visible, about one hundred rods north of this, and just west of the present dwelling of Andrew Nichols.]
40. Alexander Osburn and James Prince. (Stephen Driver.) s.
41. Jonathan Putnam. (Nath. Boardman.) s.
42. George Jacobs, Jr.
43. Peter Cloyset.r.
44. William Small. s.m.
45. John Darling. (George Peabody.) s.m.
46. James Putnam. (Wm. A. Lander.) s.m.
47. Capt. John Putnam. (Wm. A. Lander.)
48. Daniel Rea. (Augustus Fowler.) s.
49. Henry Brown.
50. John Hutchinson. (George Peabody.) t.r.
51. Joseph Whipple. s.m.
52. Benjamin Porter. (Joseph S. Cabot.)
53. Joseph Herrick. (R.P. Waters.)
54. John Phelps. c.
55. George Flint. c.
56. Ruth Sibley. s.m.
57. John Buxton.
58. William Allin.
59. Samuel Brabrook. c.
60. James Smith.
61. Samuel Sibley. t.r.
62. Rev. James Bayley. (Benjamin Hutchinson.)
63. John Shepherd. (Rev. M.P. Braman.)
64. John Flint.
65. John Rea. s.m.
66. Joshua Rea. (Adam Nesmith.) s.m.
67. Jeremiah Watts.
68. Edward Bishop, the sawyer. (Josiah Trask.)
69. Edward Bishop, husbandman.
70. Capt. Thomas Rayment.
71. Joseph Hutchinson, Jr. (Job Hutchinson.)
72. William Buckley.
73. Joseph Houlton, Jr. t.r.
74. Thomas Haines. (Elijah Pope.) s.
75. John Houlton. (F.A. Wilkins.) s.
76. Joseph Houlton, Sr. (Isaac Demsey.)
77. Joseph Hutchinson, Sr. t.r.
78. John Hadlock. (Saml. P. Nourse.) s.m.
79. Nathaniel Putnam. (Judge Putnam.) t.r.
80. Israel Porter. s.m.
81. James Kettle.
82. Royal Side Schoolhouse.
83. Dr. William Griggs.
84. John Trask. (I. Trask.) s.
85. Cornelius Baker.
86. Exercise Conant. (Subsequently, Rev. John Chipman.)
87. Deacon Peter Woodberry. t.r.
88. John Rayment, Sr. (Col. J.W. Raymond.)
89. Joseph Swinnerton. (Nathl. Pope.)
90. Benjamin Hutchinson. s.m.
91. Job Swinnerton. (Amos Cross.)
92. Henry Houlton. (Artemas Wilson.)
93. Sarah, widow of Benjamin Houlton. (Judge Houlton.) s.
94. Samuel Rea.
95. Francis Nurse. (Orin Putnam.) s.
96. Samuel Nurse. (E.G. Hyde.) s.
97. John Tarbell. s.
98. Thomas Preston.
99. Jacob Barney.
100. Sergeant John Leach, Sr. (George Southwick.) s.m.
101. Capt. John Dodge, Jr. (Charles Davis.) t.r.
102. Henry Herrick. (Nathl. Porter.) [This had been the homestead of his father, Henry Herrick.]
103. Lot Conant. [This was the homestead of his father, Roger Conant.]
104. Benjamin Balch, Sr. (Azor Dodge.) s. [This was the homestead of his father, John Balch.]
105. Thomas Gage. (Charles Davis.) s.
106. Families of Trask, Grover, Haskell, and Elliott.
107. Rev. John Hale.
108. Dorcas, widow of William Hoar.
109. William and Samuel Upton. c.
110. Abraham and John Smith. (J. Smith.) s. [This had been the homestead of Robert Goodell.]
111. Isaac Goodell. (Perley Goodale.)
112. Abraham Walcot. (Jasper Pope.) s.m.
113. Zachariah Goodell. (Jasper Pope.)
114. Samuel Abbey.
115. John Walcot.
116. Jasper Swinnerton. s.m.
117. John Weldon. Captain Samuel Gardner's farm. (Asa Gardner.)
118. Gertrude, widow of Joseph Pope. (Rev. Willard Spaulding.) s.m.
119. Capt. Thomas Flint. s.
120. Joseph Flint. s.
121. Isaac Needham. c.
122. The widow Sheldon and her daughter Susannah.
123. Walter Phillips. (F. Peabody, Jr.)
124. Samuel Endicott. s.m.
125. Families of Creasy, King, Batchelder, and Howard.
126. John Green. (J. Green) s.
127. John Parker.
128. Giles Coreyt.r.
129. Henry Crosby.
130. Anthony Needham, Jr. (E. and J.S. Needham.)
131. Anthony Needham, Sr.
132. Nathaniel Felton. (Nathaniel Felton.) s.
133. James Houlton. (Thorndike Procter.)
134. John Felton.
135. Sarah Phillips.
136. Benjamin Scarlett. (District Schoolhouse No. 6.)
137. Benjamin Pope.
138. Robert Moulton. (T. Taylor.) c.
139. John Procter.
140. Daniel Epps. c.
141. Joseph Buxton. c.
142. George Jacobs, Sr. (Allen Jacobs.) s.
143. William Shaw.
144. Alice, widow of Michael Shaflin. (J. King.)
145. Families of Buffington, Stone, and Southwick.
146. William Osborne.
147. Families of Very, Gould, Follet, and Meacham.

+ Nathaniel Ingersoll.
¶ Rev. Samuel Parris. t.r.
* Captain Jonathan Walcot. t.r.

Town of Salem

[For the sites of the following dwellings, &c., referred to in the book, see the small capitals in the lower right-hand corner of the Map.]

A. Jonathan Corwin.
B. Samuel Shattock, John Cook, Isaac Sterns, John Bly.
C. Bartholomew Gedney.
D. Stephen Sewall.
E. Court House.
F. Rev. Nicholas Noyes.
G. John Hathorne.
H. George Corwin, High-sheriff.
I. Bridget Bishop.
J. Meeting-house.
K. Gedney's "Ship Tavern."
L. The Prison.
M. Samuel Beadle.
N. Rev. John Higginson.
O. Ann Pudeator, John Best.
P. Capt. John Higginson.
Q. The Town Common.
R. John Robinson.
S. Christopher Babbage.
T. Thomas Beadle.
U. Philip English.
W. Place of execution, "Witch Hill."

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