Sales Letters for English Learners

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Sales letters are a type of business letter used to introduce products or services to consumers. Use the following example letter as a template to model your own sales letter on. Notice how the first paragraph focuses on issues that need to be resolved, while the second paragraph offers a specific solution.

Example Sales Letter

Document Makers
2398 Red Street
Salem, MA 34588

March 10, 2001

Thomas R. Smith
Drivers Co.
3489 Greene Ave.
Olympia, WA 98502

Dear Mr. Smith:

Are you having trouble getting your important documents formatted correctly? If you are like most business owners, you have trouble finding the time to economically produce good-looking documents. This is why it is important to have a specialist take care of your most important documents.

At Documents Makers, we have the skills and experience to come in and help you make the best possible impression. May we stop by and offer you a FREE estimate of how much it would cost to get your documents looking great? If so, give us a call at and set up and appointment with one of your friendly operators.


(signature here)

Richard Brown


Sales Emails

Emails are similar, but they do not include an address or signature. However, emails do include a closing such as:

Best regards,

Peter Hamilton

CEO Innovative Solutions for Learners 

Sales Letters Goals

There are three main goals to achieve when writing sales letters:

1) Grab the Reader's Attention

Try to grab your reader's attention by:

  • Offering a solution to a problem that the reader may have.
  • Telling an interesting (short) story 
  • Presenting an interesting fact or statistic

Potential clients need to feel as if a sales letter speaks or relates to their needs. This is also known as a "hook". 

2) Create Interest 

Once you've grabbed the reader's attention, you'll need to create interest in your product. This is the main body of your letter. 

3) Influence Action 

The goal of every sales letter is to convince a potential customer or client to act. This doesn't necessarily mean that a client will purchase your service after reading the letter. The goal is to have the client will take a step towards gathering more information from you about your product or service.

Useful Key Phrases to Avoid Being Seen as Spam

Let's be honest: Sales letters are often just thrown away because so many people receive sales letters - also known as spam (idiom = useless information). In order to get noticed, it's important to quickly address something important that your prospective client may need. 

Here are some key phrases that will help you catch the reader's attention and present your product quickly:

  • Are you having trouble ...
  • This is why it is important to have ...
  • At X, we have the skills and experience to ...
  • May we stop by and offer you a FREE estimate of how much it would cost to ...
  • If so, give us a call at X and set up and appointment with one of your friendly operators.

Begin the letter with something will catch the reader's attention immediately. For example, many sales letters often ask readers to consider a "pain point" - a problem that a person needs solved, and then introduce a product that will provide the solution. It's important to quickly move to your sales pitch in your sales letter as most readers will understand that your sales letter is a form of advertising. Sales letters also often include an offer to encourage customers to try the product. It's important that these offers are clear and provide a useful service to the reader. Finally, it's becoming increasingly important to provide a brochure along with your sales letter providing details about your product. Finally, sales letters tend to use formal letter structures and are rather impersonal because they are sent to more than one person. 

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