Samhain Magic, Divination and Spirit Work

Samhain is a time to work magic involving the spirit realm, and communicating with the dead. It's a time to honor the cycle of life and death, as well. Here's where you'll find all sorts of information on magical workings that celebrate the Samhain season.

Make a scrying mirror to use for divination. Image by Patti Wigington 2009

In many agricultural cultures, a popular pastime at Samhain was that of divination. From scrying in a mirror to using an apple to foretell the name of one's future lover, many traditional divination methods were practiced in rural societies for centuries. You can use them today for your own divination at Samhain, or any other time of the year. Learn more about Samhain Divination. More »

Make sure you plan ahead for a seance. Image by Alex and Laila/Stone/Getty Images

Many Pagans communicate with the spirit world by way of holding seances. Before you have a seance of your own, there are a few things to keep in mind, if you don't want to have a total disaster on your hands. Read these tips for a successful seance. More »

Host a Dumb Supper to share a meal with those you have lost. Image by gordana jovanovic/E+/Getty Images

In many Pagan traditions, Samhain is celebrated with a Dumb Supper, or a Feast with the Dead. This is a solemn and sober occasion, and includes place settings for relatives and friends who have crossed over in the past year, as well as a chance to tell them what you never got to say. Here's how to host a Dumb Supper. More »

Many spirit guides have ancestral connections. Image by Ralf Nau/Stone/Getty Images

Think you might have a helpful spirit guide hanging around? Before you go getting too involved, you may want to read this information about what a spirit guide actually is -- and what it's not. Here are four different types of spirit guides. More »

Image by Russell Rosener / EyeEm /Getty Images

It's important to know how to actually find and identify spirit guides. Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the most popular methods of finding a spirit guide. More »

Image by Duncan Walker/E+/Getty Images

Many people believe they have spirit guides. But what are some of the warning signs you should look for when dealing with otherworldly beings? Here are some spirit guide warning signs to watch out for. More »

Divination can help you figure out if you're cursed, but common sense should be applied as well. Image by Patti Wigington 2010

Want to use a Ouija board for divination, or communing with the spirits? Well, that's fine... if you know what you're doing. Before you use one, be sure to read this information on how a Ouija board works, and what potential problems can arise. More »

Image by Diane Diederich/Vetta/Getty Images

Although belief in ghosts, poltergeists, and other entities is not something that is unique to the Pagan religious traditions. Many people - Pagan and otherwise - accept the existence of some sort of spiritual plane, a place where a variety of entities exist beyond the veil. Let's talk about ghosts, poltergeists and other hauntings. More »

Cultures around the world have honored the gods of death and dying. Image by Ron Evans/Photodisc/Getty Images

For many modern Pagans, there is a somewhat different philosophy on death and dying than what is seen in the non-Pagan community. While our non-Pagans see death as an ending, some Pagans view it as a beginning of the next phase of our existence. Let's look at some Pagan perspectives on death and dying, as well as the afterlife. More »

The Samhain Needfire should be started without the use of matches or a lighter. Image by Patti Wigington 2012

In some of the Celtic countries, it became tradition to light a "Needfire" at the time of Samhain. Find out what this fire was for, and what was so special about lighting the Needfire. More »

Use any glass jar with a lid to make your witch bottle. Image by Patti Wigington 2010

In years gone by, people often used "witch bottles" to protect themselves and their homes. But what is a witch bottle... and is it something you can still use? Here's how to make a witch bottle. More »