25 Facts About Sami Brady

Everything you need to know about the 'Days of Our Lives' character

Alison Sweeney
Alison Sweeney. Courtesy: Getty Images/Michael Buckner

She's the character Days of Our Lives fans have loved to hate and root for over two decades; a feisty, fiery brat, who's manipulated her way into their hearts of many a Salem man. Want to know more about her? Check out these 25 facts about the incomparable Sami Brady.

1. Originally born on October 16, 1984, Sami should be turning 29 in 2013. However, in 1993, the character's birth year was changed to 1977, making her -- yikes!

-- 7 years older.

2. Sami's astrological sign is Libra. On the positive side, Sami is optimistic and social and knows how to charm others. On the negative side, she's impatient, frivolous and indecisive; hence, seldom happy in marriage.

3. Her birth name is Samantha Gene Brady. She was named after her maternal aunt, Samantha Evans, and her mother's longtime best friend, Eugene Bradford.

4. Upon returning to Salem in 1993, Sami was greeted by her dad, Roman, pointing a gun at her. She was lurking outside the Brady house, and he thought she was an intruder.

5. Sami's first job was working as a candy striper at the hospital. The gig came in handy, considering her penchant for switching paternity test results.

6. Sami is sorely lacking in the female friend department. She hasn't had any real gal pals, since her high school BFF, Jamie, split town.

7. Sami was just a teenager, when she scored her first diamond.

Her mom Marlena gifted her with a sparkling pendant on her 17th birthday.

8. Poor Sami has been the victim of rape twice. She was attacked by Alan Harris, when she was just a teenager. As an adult, she was raped by EJ DiMera.

9. What does Sami have in common with Lorena Bobbitt, the Virginia woman who made headlines when she cut off her abusive husband's penis in 1993?

After Alan raped her, Sami shot him in the groin, inspiring the newspaper headline: "Sami Brady Bobbittizes Alan Harris!"

10. Sami has also committed rape. Desperate to snare Austin away from her sister, Carrie, she slipped him the date-rape drug, so she could get him into her bed and have sex with him.

11. Sami once suffered from the eating disorder bulimia. She got the idea from Brandee, a model, who mentioned keeping her thin figure by bingeing and purging.

12. Alison Sweeney has portrayed Sami since the character returned to Salem as a teenager in 1993, except for a six-month maternity break in 2005.

13. During that maternity break, Days went an unusual route: temporarily recasting Sami with a male actor. Dan Wells portrayed Sami’s alter ego, Stan, when she went undercover as a man to get revenge on her enemies.

14. Sami escaped death row. Tried and convicted for the murder of Franco Kelly, she was sentenced to death. On the day of her scheduled execution, she was strapped to a table and a lethal injection was administered to her. At the last minute, Lucas ran in and confessed to the crime. Sami was rushed to the hospital and revived.

15. Sami has been a part of three Days supercouples: Lumi (with Lucas), Safe (with Rafe), and Ejami (with EJ).

16. Sami has also had the unique distinction of being part of a female super pairing with Nicole. In fact, there’s a fan site devoted to the two characters called Sole. You can check it out, here.

17. While she's always adored her twin brother, Eric, there's no love lost between Sami and her sisters. She's always had an intense rivalry with Carrie and has never been particularly fond of Belle. Remember, she tried to sell her on the black market as a baby.

18. When the secret behind the Brady/DiMera feud was revealed, viewers learned Sami looked exactly like her grandfather Shawn's sister, Colleen.

19. There are three generations of twins in Sami's family: mom Marlena and her sister, Samantha; Sami and her brother, Eric; and Sami's children, Johnny and Allie.

20. For a gal without a college education, Sami has held down some prestigious jobs.

Among them: executive assistant at Austin Reed and Company, junior executive at Mad World Cosmetics, and president of Countess Wilhemina Cosmetics.

21. Suffice it to say that Sami is no Julia Child. Her cooking skills are seriously lacking. She once accidentally put salt in a cookie recipe instead of sugar. Yuck!

22. Blonde Sami prefers brunettes, when it comes to the men in her life. All of her beaus and husbands have had brown hair from Lucas to Austin to Franco to Brandon to Rafe to EJ.

23. Sami has tried to kill EJ twice. First, via a poisonous lipstick kiss. Next, by shooting him point blank in the head.

24. What's the craziest crime Sami's ever been linked to? After being lured to the war zone by Tony DiMera, she was nearly arrested for treason.

25. Weddings usually spell disaster for Sami. She was left at the altar twice, by Austin and Lucas. Brandon dumped her hours after they exchanged vows, and EJ was shot during their first nuptials and murdered weeks after their second one.