How to Teach Your Students to Write Biography Poems

Students can tell their stories in a playful way

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Biography poems, or Bio poems, are a quick and easy way for young students to learn poetry. They allow students to express their personality and introduce themselves to others, making them a perfect activity for the first day of school. Bio poems can also be used to describe someone else, making them perfect for history lessons or other subjects where students might be studying key historical figures. You will see in the examples below that students can research someone like Rosa Parks, then create a Bio poem on her.

What Are Bio Poems?

Below, you can read three examples of Bio Poems. One is about a teacher, one is about a student, and one is about a famous person that students researched.

Sample Bio Poem of a Teacher

Kind, funny, hard-working, loving
Sister of Amy
Lover of Computers, Friends, and Harry Potter books
Who feels excited on the first day of school, sad when she watches the news, and happy to open a new book
Who needs people, books, and computers
Who gives help to students, smiles to her husband, and letters to family and friends
Who fears war, hunger, and bad days
Who would like to visit the pyramids in Egypt, teach the world’s greatest third graders, and read on the beach in Hawaii
Resident of California

Sample Bio Poem of a Student

Athletic, strong, determined, fast
Son of Janelle and Nathan and brother to Reesa
Loves the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, sports, and Baked Beans
Who feels happy when playing with friends, and happy when playing sports and being with his family
Who needs books, family, and Legos to by happy in life
Who makes people laugh when someone is sad, who likes to gives smiles, and loves hugging
Fears the dark, spiders, clowns
Would like to visit Paris, France
Resident of Buffalo

Sample Bio Poem of a Person Researched

Determined, Brave, Strong, Caring
Wife of Raymond Parks, and mother of her children
Who loved freedom, education, and equality
Who loved to stand up for her beliefs, loved to help others, disliked discrimination
Who feared racism would never end, who feared she wouldn't be able to make a difference, who feared she wouldn't have enough courage to fight
Who changed history by standing up to others and making a difference in equality
Who wanted to see an end to discrimination, a world that was equal, and respect was given to all
Born in Alabama, and resident in Detroit
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