Sample Formal Graduation Announcement #1

You Can't Go Wrong with a Classic Announcement

Wording your graduation announcement can seem like such a silly challenge -- but also one that can somehow take up a lot of your (very precious) time. Going with formal, traditional language is one way to make sure your announcement accurately represents the importance and value of all of your hard work.

Note: The information in parentheses should be filled in with information that is specific to you.

Additionally, the text should be centered on your announcement.

Sample Formal Graduation Announcement #1

The President, Faculty, and Graduating Class


(Hope College)

Proudly Announce the Graduation of

(Oscar James Meyerson)


(Sunday, the Nineteenth of December)

(Two Thousand Twelve)

with a

(Bachelor of Arts Degree) in

(Sports Management)

(Holland Municipal Stadium)

(Holland, MI)

(2:00 p.m.)

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