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Sample Business School Recommendation

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Sample recommendation letters can provide an example of the type of letter you need to provide as part of the business school admissions process. There are many different types of recommendation letters. Most focus on academic, work, or leadership experience. However, some recommendations act as character references, stressing the applicant's moral fiber.

This is a sample letter recommendation for a business school applicant. The letter demonstrates the applicant's leadership experience and shows how a business school recommendation should be formatted.

Sample Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:
I would like to take an opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Jane Glass. As the Senior Coordinator for Heartland Commerce, I have known Jane for approximately two years and feel that she is a deserving candidate for your business school program.
Jane joined our organization as an entry-level customer service representative. Demonstrating an incredible initiative and a strong dedication, she moved up the ranks quickly. After only six months, she was promoted to team leader. The board could not help but notice how successful she was in her new position and quickly offered her another promotion, making her part of the executive management team.
Jane leads by example and many people here find her enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. As part of the executive management team, Jane has worked hard to build authentic relationships with the employees. Her efforts have created a happier and more productive team.
I believe Jane exhibits many of the qualities that are essential to business managers and business students. An education at your esteemed business school will help her hone these qualities while enhancing her career opportunities. I highly recommend Jane Glass for your program and hope that you will carefully consider admission application.
Debra Max, Senior Coordinator

Heartland Commerce​


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