Sample Recommendation Letters for Students and Jobseekers

Get Inspiration From a Sample Letter of Recommendation

How Recommendation Letter Samples Can Help You

Writing a recommendation letter for someone else is a huge responsibility, and getting everything just right is important. Looking at recommendation letter samples can provide inspiration and ideas for content and formatting.

If you are a student or job seeker that needs needs a recommendation from a professor, mentor, supervisor or former employer, looking through sample recommendation letters can help you understand the essential elements of a good recommendation.

The following collection of sample recommendation letters includes a letter for almost every academic or career situation. You may want to look through each sample to gain a better understanding of the essential components of recommendations and gain an understanding of how tone and word choice can influence the impact of the letter. 

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This is a sample recommendation for an undergraduate student from an AP English Professor. The letter is being used as a recommendation for an undergraduate business program. Note the emphasis on leadership potential, organization skills and academic achievement. All of these factors are important to admissions committees in almost any field, but especially in business.  More »

This recommendation letter was written by a former employer for a job applicant. The letter recommends the subject for employment. Note how this recommendation letter sample cites specific examples of achievement. Employers look for applicants who know how to achieve goals and objectives; this letter will catch an employers attention and may help to move a job candidate to the top of the pile.  More »

This recommendation letter was written for an undergraduate applicant by her former high school teacher. The letter recommends the student for a undergraduate business program. In addition to commending the subject on her academic achievement, the letter writer goes a step further and mentions the subject's mature personality and leadership experience. Achievement and leadership potential are two characteristics that every business applicant should demonstrate during the admissions process.  More »

This recommendation letter was written by a former employer for an MBA applicant. The letter was written by a direct supervisor. Getting a work-related recommendation letter from a direct supervisor is important because the people who work closely with you often know you best and can speak to your work ethics, record of achievement, and leadership and teamwork capability. Although this is a short recommendation letter sample, it provides an example of why the subject may be a good fit for business school.  More »

This recommendation letter was written for a business school applicant by a current employer. This is a good sample recommendation letter for someone who is looking to apply to either an undergraduate or graduate program because the letter emphasizes leadership and teamwork abilities, two skills that are highly valued in an academic business program.  More »

This recommendation letter was written for a student by a high school principal. The letter is meant to serve as a undergraduate program recommendation. This is a good recommendation letter sample for a college applicant because instead of emphasizing academic achievement, work ethic, or community service, the letter writer chose to highlight the subject's personality, which can have just as big of an impact on admission committee decisions.  More »

This is a business program recommendation. The recommendation letter was written by a former employer and emphasizes work experience. It does a very god job of demonstrating leadership ability and potential - two things admissions committees want to see from business program applicants. More »

This is recommendation  letter was written for a student by a professor. It was used as a recommendation for a graduate business program. This is a good recommendation sample for anyone who wants to emphasize achievements and character. More »

This is a recommendation that was written for a student by an academic dean. This letter was used as a Harvard business program recommendation. As you will see from the letter, the writer did not use the traditional approach, choosing instead to highlight talents and work experience rather than academic achievements or leadership potential. This sample recommendation letter works well for someone who is looking for supplemental examples for an application. More »

This sample recommendation letter was written for a business program applicant. The sample recommendation letter is long, but includes great information and demonstrates what should be touched on in an MBA recommendation letter. Note the emphasis on why business is a good fit for the person being recommended. More »