Sandoval - Name Meaning and Origin

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The Spanish surname Sandoval is a geographical or habitational last name derived from any of the places named Sandoval, in particular, the village of Sandoval de la Reina in the Spanish province of Burgos. The place name Sandoval originated as Sannoval, from the Latin saltus, meaning "grove" or "forest," plus novalis, or "newly cleared land."

Sandoval is the 55th most common Hispanic surname.

  • Surname origin: Spanish, Portuguese
  • Alternate surname spellings: De Sandoval, Sandobal, De Sandobal, Sandovel

Famous People With the Surname

  • Brian Sandoval: Nevada governor.
  • Pablo Sandoval: Giants MLB third baseman.
  • Vicente Sandoval: President of Guatemala in the 1960s
  • Manuel Sandoval Vallarta: Mexican physicist, best known for his study of cosmic rays

Where Do People With This Surname Live?

According to Public Profiler: World Names the majority of individuals with the Sandoval surname live in Argentina, followed by concentrations in the United States, Austria, France, and Switzerland. Public Profiler doesn't include information from all countries, however, including Mexico and Venezuela.

Genealogy Resources

  • GeneaNet - Sandoval Records: GeneaNet includes archival records, family trees, and other resources for individuals with the Sandoval surname, with a concentration on records and families from France, Spain, and other European countries.
  • Sandoval Family Genealogy Forum: Search this popular genealogy forum for the Sandoval surname to find others who might be researching your ancestors, or post your own Sandoval query.
  • FamilySearch - Sandoval Genealogy: Find historical records, queries, and lineage-linked family trees posted for the Sandoval surname and its variations.


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