Sarah Shelton

Corvettes first caught Sarah Shelton's eye when she was a teenager. Hooked on their beauty and continuous innovations, she has closely tracked Vettes from one generation to the next. As an automotive journalist she has written about car repair, auto parts and notable Chevrolets, and thrills at getting behind the wheel of classic and current sports cars.

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As an automotive journalist, Sarah has written buying guides for the best auto products, features on classic Chevrolets, new car reviews and how-to articles on auto repair. She has owned numerous Chevys—from a first-generation Camaro to a new Blazer—and has spent many hours in the garage restoring classic cars and fine-tuning Chevy engines.  


Sarah apprenticed informally under an ASE-certified mechanic for more than 12 years, learning maintenance, diagnosis, and engine rebuild and repair, with a heavy emphasis on Chevrolets and classic cars. 

Sarah Shelton

I was a lanky high school freshman when a Corvette first turned my head: a 1957 Venetian Red C1 with whitewalls and contrasting coves. My first taste of cool and classy personified by fiberglass and chrome. That all changed with my first Chevy 350, a meaty V-8 that I opened wide on Colorado back roads and tested limits on tight mountain passes. Suddenly, the Peggy Sue-sweetness of first-generation Corvettes didn't match my hunger for horsepower. After getting in the driver's seat of a '69 metallic green Vette, I spent the next decade lusting after the sloping fenders and throaty V-8s of the C3s.Since then I have continued to follow the Corvette story. Even after more than 60 years, I believe one key ingredient keeps Corvette at the peak of the high-performance category: its ability to artfully blend form and function. The sleek profile that's instantly recognizable on the road is more than just a pretty face; engineers continue to back it up with system-wide innovations in Corvette's ongoing pursuit of maximum performance. Whether you are a Corvette owner or enthusiast, it's my goal to keep you up-to-date on the latest Corvette news, give you tips to maintain and repair your Corvette, and share the story of Corvette's 60-plus year history.

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