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~1844 - 1891

Sarah Winnemucca
Sarah Winnemucca. Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images

Sarah Winnemucca protested the treatment of her Piute people, and became well-known in the 19th century for her advocacy for Native Americans.

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• For shame! For shame! You dare to cry out Liberty, when you hold us in places against our will, driving us from place to place as if we were beasts.

• I would place all the Indians of Nevada on ships in our harbor, take them to New York and land them there as immigrants, that they might be received with open arms....

• And by-and-by the dark children grew into a large nation; we believe it is the one we belong to, and that the nation that sprung from the white children will sometime send someone to meet us and heal all the old trouble.

• If women could go into your Congress, I think justice would soon be done to the Indians.

• I have not contended for Democrat, Republican, Protestant or Baptist for an agent. I have worked for freedom, I have laboured to give my race a voice in the affairs of the nation.

• Nobody really knows Indians who cheat them and treat them badly.

• I would rather be with my people, but not to live with them as they live.

• (about reservations): If this is the kind of civilization awaiting us on the Reserves, God grant that we may never be compelled to go on one, as it is much preferable to live in the mountains and drag out an existence in our native manner.

• (to an Indian agent): Hell is full of just such Christians as you are.

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