Saskatchewan Facts

Saskatchewan The Land of Living Skies

Fields Near Biggar, Saskatchewan
Fields Near Biggar, Saskatchewan. Barrett & MacKay / All Canada Photos / Getty Images

The prairie province of Saskatchewan produces more than half of the wheat grown in Canada. Saskatchewan is the birthplace of Canadian medicare and home of the RCMP training academy.

Location of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan extends from the U.S. border along the 49th parallel to the Northwest Territories border along the 60th parallel.

The province lies between Alberta on the west and Manitoba to the east, and between the Northwest Territories on the north and the states of Montana and North Dakota on the south

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Area of Saskatchewan

588,239.21 sq. km (227,120.43 sq. miles) (Statistics Canada, 2011 Census)

Population of Saskatchewan

1,033,381 (Statistics Canada, 2011 Census)

Capital of Saskatchewan

Regina, Saskatchewan

Date Saskatchewan Entered Confederation

September 1, 1905

Government of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Party

Last Saskatchewan Provincial Election

November 7, 2011

Premier of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall

Main Saskatchewan Industries

Agriculture, services, mining

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