What You Need to Know About the SAT Chemistry Subject Test

SAT test sheet
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The SAT Chemistry Test or SAT Chemistry Subject Test is an optional single-subject test that you can take to showcase your understanding of chemistry. You might choose to take this test if you are applying to college to study science or engineering. The test is intended to help you with the college admission process.

SAT Chemistry Test Basics

Here are some important facts about the SAT Chemistry Subject Test:

  • 60 minutes (one hour) long.
  • 85 multiple-choice questions.
  • Offered October, November, December, January, May, and June.
  • A calculator is not permitted.
  • The periodic table is provided.
  • All units are metric.
  • Only simple numerical calculations are required.
  • Scoring is from 200-800. (Note: You do not need to get all of the questions correct to get a perfect score.) It is expected that students will not have been exposed to every subject covered on the test.

Recommended Preparation for the SAT Chemistry Test

  • Year of algebra
  • Year of general chemistry, college-prep level or higher
  • Some lab experience

Topics Covered by the SAT Chemistry Test

The percentages given here are approximate.

This is not a memorization-type test. While students are expected to have an understanding of the fundamental concepts of chemistry, most of the test will involve organizing and interpreting information. With respect to the types of skills that will be needed to succeed with the SAT Chemistry Test, you can expect:

  • 45% application of knowledge
  • 35% synthesis of knowledge
  • 20% fundamental knowledge and concepts