SAT Critical Reading Practice

Critical Reading Practice Questions

This information refers to the current SAT which will be in use until January 2016, not theĀ redesigned SAT, which will be administered in March 2016.

SAT Critical Reading Practice Basics

Of the three SAT sections, Mathematics, Critical Reading, and Writing, you can improve your score the most by doing lots of Critical Reading practice! Sentence completion and passage-based reading questions are easier to score high on when you have some practice under your belt. So give these SAT Critical Reading practice quizzes a try to determine where you most need to improve!

SAT Writing and Math Practice Questions

SAT Sentence Completion Practice

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So, you may be asking yourself, " Sentence completions are just one of the two types of questions on the SAT Critical Reading section, so it's important to familiarize yourself with what one really is before plunging into the practice. If you're ready, take a look at the quizzes and other sentence completion practice tests below.

  1. Sentence Completion Quiz 1
  2. College Board Sentence Completion Practice

SAT Passage-Based Reading Practice

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Again, if you're unsure what a passage-based reading question looks like, then check it out before trying the quiz. If you're ready to go, then check out the reading comprehension questions below for practice with inferences, main idea, vocab in context and other passage-based reading questions.

  1. General Reading Comprehension Questions
  2. College Board Passage-Based Reading Practice
  3. Major Tests Reading Comprehension Practice
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