SAT Score Comparison for Admission to Alaska Colleges

A Side-by-Side Comparison of SAT Admissions Data for Alaska Colleges

Downtown Anchorage, Alaska
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If you're planning to go to a four-year non-profit college in Alaska, you have just five options, and all but one (Alaska Pacific University) has open admissions. The table below shows the middle 50% of enrolled students for Alaska Pacific as well as more information on open admissions.

SAT Scores for Alaska Colleges (mid 50%)
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Alaska Bible Collegeopen-admissions
Alaska Pacific University------
University of Alaska Anchorageopen-admissions
University of Alaska Fairbanks480600470600--
University of Alaska Southeastopen-admissions
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Open admissions does not mean that most of Alaska's colleges will accept everyone who applies -- students will need to meet specific course credit and grade requirements, and must still submit an application to the school, with potential supplements like letters of recommendation or a personal statement/essay. The schools' website will have all the information you need to know before you apply to them.

Alaska Pacific University is the state's only selective college. The school requires scores from either the ACT or SAT, with about half of the applicants submitting scores from the SAT, and about half from the ACT. With an acceptance rate of 42%, it is by far the most selective school in the state. By clicking on the link at the bottom of the table, you can see Alaska Pacific's average scores from the ACT exam.

If your scores are a little below the bottom number for Alaska Pacific, keep in mind that 25% of enrolled students have scores below those listed, and you still have a chance of being admitted.

The Admissions Office looks at more than just test scores, and students with good grades (but low test scores) can still be accepted by the school. Factors such as a work resume, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, and a strong essay or personal statement can all help in boosting your application.

If you take the SAT exam, but are unhappy with your scores, you can always retake the test. If you do so before submitting your application, you can obviously just submit the higher scores. If you retake the exam after submitting your application to the school, you may still be able to use the new scores: send the university the higher scores and be sure to notify them of the change so they can take the higher scores into account when assessing your application.

Click on a school's name above to get more information about the school including its tuition, graduation rates, and financial aid.

data from the National Center for Educational Statistics

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