SAT Score Comparison for Admission to Delaware Colleges

A Side-by-Side Comparison of SAT Admissions Data for Delaware Colleges

University of Delaware
University of Delaware. Alan Levine / Flickr

The second smallest state doesn't have a lot of four-year colleges, but you will find some excellent schools for students with varying degrees of college preparation. Admissions standards range from the fairly selective University of Delaware to a few schools that admit nearly all applicants.

If you're wondering how you compare your SAT scores to enrolled students to any of the schools below, you can use this chart to help see if you're on track.

Delaware Colleges SAT Scores (mid 50%)
(Learn what these numbers mean)
Delaware State University410480410490--
Goldey-Beacom CollegeTest-Optional Admissions
University of Delaware530640530640--
Wesley College370460370470--
Widener University-Delaware CampusOpen Admissions
Wilmington UniversityOpen Admissions
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The scores in the table are for the middle 50% of enrolled students. If your scores fall within or above these ranges, you're on target for admission to one of these Delaware colleges. If your scores are slightly below the range presented in the table, don't lose all hope -- remember that 25% of enrolled students have SAT scores below those listed.

Also remember that SAT scores are just one part of the application. Even more important than standardized test scores are good grades in challenging courses (see the features of a strong academic record).

Some schools may also evaluate your application essayextracurricular activities and letters of recommendation. Some students with decent scores (but an overall weak application) may not be admitted to a school. And, some students with lower scores (but a strong application) may be accepted.

If you score low on the SAT exam, but still have time before applying to schools, you can always retake the exam and try to improve your score.

Even if you retake the exam after submitting your applications, you can resend your higher test scores directly to the school, and they should take those higher scores into account. Make sure to check each school's website to get up-to-date information, and to make sure they will accept your resubmitted scores.

Click on a school's name to view its profile, complete with admissions info, financial aid stats, and more.

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Data from the National Center for Educational Statistics