2017 - 2018 SAT Score Release Dates

Learn When You Can Expect to Receive Your SAT Scores

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Because SAT scores can play an important role in the college admissions process, most applicants are eager to learn how they performed on the exam. Scores are typically available online about three weeks after the test date. The table below presents the exact dates. Don't bother setting your alarm for the wee hours to get your scores early, especially on the east coast. The College Board typically posts scores at 8 a.m. EST.


2017 - 2018 SAT Score Release Dates

  SAT Test Date     SAT Scores Available Online     SAT Scores Mailed To Colleges   
August 26, 2017September 15by September 25
October 7, 2017October 20-26within 10 days after you receive your scores
October 11, 2017November 3by November 13
November 4, 2017November 17-23within 10 days after you receive your scores
December 2, 2017December 15-21within 10 days after you receive your scores
March 7, 2018March 29by April 8
March 10, 2018March 23-29within 10 days after you receive your scores
March 21, 2018April 13by April 23
April 10, 2018May 3by May 13
April 24, 2018May 17by May 27
May 5, 2018May 18-24within 10 days after you receive your scores
June 2, 2018July 11within 10 days after you receive your scores

Note that several of the dates above are for special school day administrations of the exam: October 11, March 7, March 21, April 10, and April 24 

Can I Get My Scores Earlier Than The Posted Dates?

In a word, no.

Scoring and processing hundreds of thousands of answer sheets takes time, and the College Board isn't in a position to flag individual exams for expedited service. If you're applying Early Action or Early Decision, you'll want to plan ahead so that you are taking exams that will get scores to colleges on time.

The new August test date makes this easier, and the August and October exams should work fine for early admission programs. 

That said, for a $31 fee you can order rush service to get a score report mailed to a college more quickly (see SAT Costs, Fees, and Waivers). This doesn't change the date that scores become available, but it helps get a score report to a specific college a little faster if you didn't order the scores at the time of the exam.

This junior year timeline and senior year timeline can help you keep on track so that you take the SAT in time to get scores to colleges.

I Got My Scores. What Now?

Once you have received your scores, you'll need to figure out what the scores mean in relation to your college aspirations. Are you on target for admission? Should you take the exam again?  What are your options if your scores aren't what you had hoped for? The information below can help guide you.

These articles present SAT data for the middle 50% of admitted students at different types of colleges:

For some general information on SAT scores, check out these articles:

A Final Word on SAT Scores

There's no getting around the fact that SAT (and ACT) scores often play an important role in the college admissions process. That said, try to put the exam in perspective. Your academic record will matter more than the SAT, so be sure to work hard and do well in challenging college preparatory classes. Also realize that the most selective colleges have holistic admissions, so a winning application essay and meaningful extracurricular involvement can help compensate for less-than-ideal SAT scores. Finally, keep in mind that hundreds of colleges have test-optional admissions and don't consider SAT scores at all.

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