SAT Scores for Admission to Four-Year West Virginia Colleges

A Side-by-Side Comparison of Admissions Data for West Virginia Colleges

McMurran Hall at Shepherd University in West Virginia
McMurran Hall at Shepherd University in West Virginia. Acroterion / Wikimedia Commons

Students hoping to attend college in West Virginia will find choices that range from tiny private colleges to large public universities. The state's numerous four-year colleges vary widely in size, mission, and personality. Selectivity also varies significantly although none of the schools has a painfully high admissions bar.

SAT Scores for West Virginia Colleges (mid 50%)
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Alderson Broaddus College440510450530410490
Appalachian Bible College500580460560440550
Bethany College380490400510370470
Bluefield State College440520450520--
Concord University400530410530400510
Davis & Elkins College410530390520--
Fairmont State University420510410510--
Glenville State College370470380480390480
Marshall University440490430480--
Mountain State Universityopen-admissions
Ohio Valley University------
Salem International Universityopen-admissions
Shepherd University440553430540--
University of Charleston430520443530--
West Liberty University380510400540330520
West Virginia State University390510400500373480
West Virginia University460560470580--
West Virginia University at Parkersburgopen-admissions
West Virginia University Institute of Technology410530440560--
West Virginia Wesleyan College420540420550400530
Wheeling Jesuit University450550450560440510
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To help you determine if your SAT scores are on target for your top choice West Virginia schools, the table above can guide you. The SAT scores in the table are for the middle 50% of enrolled students. If your scores fall within or above these numbers, you're on target for admission. If your scores are slightly below the range presented in the table, don't give up -- remember that 25% of enrolled students have SAT scores below those listed. It's also important to put the SAT in perspective. The exam is just one part of your college application, and a strong academic record with challenging courses is even more important than test scores. Some of the colleges will also be looking at qualitative measures such as your application essayextracurricular activities and letters of recommendation.

The ACT is more popular than the SAT in West Virginia, but either exam can be used at any of the schools listed below.

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data from the National Center for Educational Statistics

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