SAT Scores for Admission to Selective Liberal Arts Colleges

A Side-by-Side Comparison of College Admissions Data

Weidensall Hall at Gettysburg College. Photo Credit: Allen Grove

After you get your SAT scores back, you may wonder how they compare with those admitted to the schools you are interested in. Here's a handy guide for nineteen of the top  liberal arts colleges in the United States, with scores for the middle 50% of enrolled students. If your scores are within or above the ranges listed below, you are on track for admission to these highly-ranked schools.

Top College SAT Score Comparison (mid 50%)
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Bowdoin------see graph
Bryn Mawr610730610720--see graph
Claremont McKenna650740670750--see graph
Colby630725640745--see graph
Colgate640720650740--see graph
College of the Holy CrossTest-Optional Admissionssee graph
Davidson630720620720--see graph
Denison------see graph
Dickinson------see graph
Gettysburg------see graph
Hamilton650740650740--see graph
Kenyon620730610710--see graph
Lafayette580680620710--see graph
Macalester630740630750--see graph
Oberlin630730620720--see graph
Reed660750620730--see graph
Vassar670750660750--see graph
Washington and Lee660720660740--see graph
Whitman600720600700--see graph
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Realize, of course, that SAT scores are just one part of the application. Perfect 800s don't guarantee admission if other parts of your application are weak. Admissions officers will also want to see a strong academic record, a winning essay, meaningful extracurricular activities and good letters of recommendation. Some students with scores below average will be admitted, if they excel in other areas. Similarly, some students with scores within these ranges were rejected, as their applications were lacking. These school are also highly selective, with acceptance rates in the teens and twenties, so good grades and test scores do not guarantee admission.

To see how your grades and scores compare with others who have applied to these universities, click the "see graph" link to the right of each school's info. There, you can find comparisons of the GPAs and ACT/SAT scores of those who were admitted, rejected, and waitlisted at each school.


To see a full profile of each college, complete with admissions details, financial aid information, and popular majors, click on the names in the table above. You can also check out these other SAT charts (or ACT charts):

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data from National Center for Educational Statistics

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