SAT Scores for Admission to the Senior Colleges of CUNY

A Side-by-Side Comparison of SAT Scores for the CUNY Campuses

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Admission requirements for the 11 senior colleges in CUNY vary widely. Below you'll find a side-by-side comparison of scores for the middle 50% of enrolled students. If your scores fall within or above these ranges, you're on target for admission to one of these public institutions.

CUNY SAT Score Comparison (mid 50%)
(Learn what these numbers mean)
Baruch College550640600690see graph
Brooklyn College490580520620see graph
CCNY470600530640see graph
City TechSAT Scores Not Requiredsee graph
College of Staten Island-----
Hunter College520620540640see graph
John Jay College440530450540see graph
Lehman College450540460540see graph
Medgar Evers CollegeSAT Scores Not Required-
Queens College480570520610see graph
York College390470420490see graph

Strong SAT scores are going to be most important for Baruch College and Hunter College, the two most selective colleges in the CUNY network. City Tech and Medgar Evers College have test-optional admissions, so your academic record is going to have added importance when applying to those institutions.

As you try to figure how your scores measure up to admitted students in the CUNY network, keep in mind that the numbers above don't tell the entire story. 25% of all applicants have SAT scores that are below the lower numbers in the table. Your chances of admission are certainly significantly lower if your SAT scores are below the 25th percentile, but you do still have a chance. You should consider a CUNY school a reach if your SAT scores are low, but don't hesitate to apply simply because your scores aren't ideal.

Always keep in mind that SAT scores are just one part of the application. All of the CUNY campuses use the CUNY application.

The admissions process is holistic, and the admissions officers will be looking for a strong application essay and positive letters of recommendation. Meaningful extracurricular activities can also strengthen an application and help make up for SAT scores that aren't ideal.

On the academic front, the admissions folks are looking at more than your GPA.

They will want to see evidence of success in challenging college preparatory classes. The strongest high school records include Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate,  Honors, and Dual Enrollment classes.

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data from National Center for Educational Statistics