SAT Scores for Admission to Top New York Colleges and Universities

A Side-by-Side Comparison of College Admissions Data for 12 Colleges

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Learn what SAT scores you need to get into the top New York state colleges and universities. The side-by-side comparison table below shows scores for the middle 50% of enrolled students. If your scores fall within or above these ranges, you're on target for admission to one of these New York schools.

Top New York Colleges SAT Score Comparison (mid 50%)
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Bard Collegetest-optional admissionssee graph
Barnard College640730620720650740see graph
Binghamton University600680630703580670see graph
Colgate University620720630730--see graph
Columbia University690780690790690790see graph
Cooper Union------see graph
Cornell University650750680780--see graph
Fordham University580670590680590680see graph
Hamilton College------see graph
Ithaca Collegetest-optional admissionssee graph
NYU620720630750630730see graph
RPI610720670770--see graph
St. Lawrence Universitytest-optional admissionssee graph
Sarah Lawrence Collegetest-optional admissionssee graph
Skidmore College550670560673560670see graph
SUNY Geneseo550640550650--see graph
Syracuse University530630560660530640see graph
University of Rochestertest-flexible admissionssee graph
Vassar College670750660740660750see graph
West Point580680610710560670see graph
Yeshiva University570690560680540660see graph
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Admission is selective to all of these colleges, and you're going to need an academic record that is well above average. That said, several of the schools have test-optional admissions and do not require standardized test scores, and the University of Rochester has test-flexible admissions and will accept scores from standardized tests other than the SAT and ACT.

It's also important to remember that all of the colleges and universities listed above have holistic admissions, and the SAT is just one part of the application. A low SAT score can certainly lead to a rejection letter for highly selective colleges, but strengths in other areas can help make up for a less-than-ideal score. The admissions officers at most of these New York colleges will also want to see a strong academic record, a winning essay, meaningful extracurricular activities and good letters of recommendation, and in most cases demonstrated interest will also play a role.

Data from the National Center for Educational Statistics.

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