SAT Scores for Admission to Four-Year Nevada Colleges

A Side-by-Side Comparison of Admissions Data for Nevada Colleges

Nevada does not have many four-year colleges and universities, and only a couple of them have selective admissions. Still, if one of the University of Nevada campuses is on your potential college list, the table below can help you figure out if your SAT scores are on target for admission. The table presents SAT scores for the middle 50% of enrolled students.

SAT Scores for Nevada Colleges (mid 50%)
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College of Southern Nevadaopen-admissions
Great Basin Collegeopen-admissions
Nevada State Collegetest-optional admissions
Sierra Nevada College410520440530--
University of Nevada-Las Vegas450560450570--
University of Nevada-Reno480590490610--
Western Nevada Collegeopen-admissions
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As you can see, matriculated students at UNLV and UNR tend to have rather average SAT scores (see What's Considered a Good SAT Score?). That said, you will find plenty of strong students at both schools, and 25% of applicants have test scores above the higher numbers in the table. If your SAT scores are on the low end, don't panic. It's also important to keep in mind that 25% of all matriculated students had test scores that were below the lower numbers presented above.

For the four colleges above that have open admissions, don't simply assume that everyone who applies is admitted. All students who meet specific criteria will be admitted, but open admission schools tend to have minimum grade cut-offs, and they also require students to have successfully completed a college preparatory curriculum in high school.

It's also important to put the SAT in perspective. The SAT really isn't that important for admission to Nevada colleges.

At the University of Nevada-Reno, for example, students with "B" or higher GPAs can get in even if their SAT scores are low. Also, the university will take into consideration a student's potential and special talents if the GPA/SAT score minimums are not met. Sierra Nevada College has holistic admissions and considers many qualitative factors in addition to grades and test scores.

For the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, most successful applicants had high school averages of a "B" or better, but test scores vary widely. You can see the spread in this graph of GPA-SAT-ACT data for admission. If you're worried about your test scores, you can learn more in this article: Low SAT Scores? What Now?

UNLV and UNR also have NCAA Division I athletic programs, so athletic talent can play a meaningful role for both admission and for receiving athletic scholarships.

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