Satanic Infernal Names

The Infernal Names And Crown Princes of Hell

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Church of Satan, used with permission

The Satanic Bible, the first central text of the Church of Satan, lists 78 "infernal names" and four "crown princes of hell" for ritual use, although there is only 81 names in total as Leviathan is listed twice. These names come from multiple sources, both Biblical and non-Biblical, across many world cultures.

Use of The Infernal Names

Because LaVeyan Satanists are atheists, they do not believe in these beings as actual existing entities.
Instead, Satan represents the primal forces of nature, which Satanists tap during magical ritual. The use of these additional names might be seen as further invoking the forces he wishes to tap, so Satanists are urged to arrange a selection of these names in a "phonetically effective roster" (p. 145) rather than necessarily focusing on the meaning of the individual names.

The list is not meant to be exhaustive. Instead, it represents what LaVey found to be the "the names most effectively used in Satanic Ritual." (p. 57) Magic frequently involves components that evoke the strongest reactions within the practitioner rather than depending on literal accuracy. Nevertheless, for the sake of completeness if nothing else, I find it important to address the historical context of those listed.

Historicalness of Names and Accuracy of Descriptions

Anton LaVey, author of the Satanic Bible, cites no references in his list of infernal names.
He describes many as "devils," but it must be remembered that many of these cultures have no concept of devils and certainly would never have described these beings as such. His reasons for labeling these beings as devils are many, including:
  • A being's connection with fertility, sexuality and sensuality, which the Christian church was particularly wary of and which Satanists strongly equate with Satan/the primal force of nature.
  • A being's connection with death and the underworld, which he generalizes as "Hell" although the underworld of most cultures bears little in common with the Christian Hell.
  • The mention of said being in the Bible as being in competition with God for worshipers. Many Christians commonly accept these names as synonyms for Satan.
  • A being's connection with the end of the world and ultimate destruction
  • A being's association with modern ceremonial magic

Sources of the Infernal Names Organized by Origin

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