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Saturn rules Capricorn, so there's a natural power to this placement.  And there's a lot of ambition and urge to make your mark. 

And yet, I've noticed, like with all Saturn's happenings, it's a path of effort, and hard-won achievement.  This can be a frustrating role for Saturn, since the standards are so high.  But on the upside, you're able to set achievable goals, more than other Saturn signs. 

When Saturn is in its own sign earthy Capricorn, the qualities of caution, persistence, authority are reinforced. You embody the ability to make abstract ideas real.

Uphill Struggle?

This is similar to Saturn in the Tenth House -- the House of career, the father (and authority in general) and personal mountains to climb. 

Saturn's House position gives you an idea of the life sphere where this plays out. 

But you can feel the heaviness of life, and like you're carrying the world on your shoulders.  You take on a lot of responsibilities, and may take on too much.  You'll want to delegate, since that's a Capricorn trait, and surround yourself with helpers to share the load. 

I have a friend with Saturn in Capricorn, and a lot of mutable energies, which possibly makes it hard for her to find that cardinal traction.  She's also very sensitive, with Pisces Rising, and a defense mechanism is going into retreat, and denying that she has worldly goals.

But I've noticed she's got more stability, when she's got a substantial goal, and is working toward it.  That way, all the mutable choices day-to-day can go toward investing in that long-term path of achievement.

The Saturn Return is a critical time, and sometimes a reckoning of sorts.  This is when Saturn comes around to your natal Saturn, which happens every 29 years.

  You'll revisit life goals, and see if the life you've built supports those goals.

Wise Actions

You have enormous discipline and personal strength ​when you find ideas that involve the whole Self. You know how to manage resources and when the time is right to act.

You're all about formalizing plans. You're not talking about it; you're doing it! And you're happiest when your personal goals merge with those of the wider society around you.

You can be serious, burdened and overly-responsible. You get weighted down with the mantra that "life is hard." Sometimes you grow overwhelmed by life's obligations, and this brings up your worst fears.

Your Place in the Scheme of Things

You may have to overcome resentment or jealousy toward others, especially in terms of status, wealth, social hierarchy and your perceived place in the pecking order. 

I know another person with this Saturn who struggles with this kind of insecurity.  She sees others being recognized, while she stands in the shadows.  This is hard on Saturn Capricorn natives, who want to be respected and taken seriously -- especially by peers. 

But Saturn gifts you with extra patience and fortitude, to match the many obstacles that seem to come your way.

You are ambitious and have the will to succeed.

You can find stability in a career that feels substantial, and in which you can emerge as an authority.  You might think of your legacy at some point, too. 

The Established Order

Saturn Capricorn might be one of those who trusts authority blindly.  Or is not able to imagine going against social conventions. 

In Understanding the Birth Chart, Kevin Burk writes, "Saturn in Capricorn doesn't question the rules, and ultimately doesn't care if the rules are helping people or not.  All Saturn in Capricorn cares about is that the rules are upheld, and taht we're all accountable for our actions. 

Burk continues, "Saturn in Capricorn is the judge that always rules based on precedent -- this is the way things have always been done, and this is the way we're going to continue to do them." 

And Burk points out that this trust in the order isn't always the best thing for us.  An example might be trusting everyone in a white coat, even if the protocol is harming you or your loved one. 

This cleaving to authority can have its roots in the relationship to the father or dominant figure in your life.  You might have experiences that call on you to lose your trust in a dramatic way, and find an authentic way of being an authority. 

 Saturn in Capricorn Dates

  • December, 1929 to November, 1932
  • from January, 1959 to January, 1962
  • from February, 1988 to February, 1991
  • Dec. 29, 2017 to March 21, 2020
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