Saturn in the Signs

The Character-Builder

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Your Saturn sign reveals where you're most serious and responsible, sometimes overly so. Your Saturn shows in the defensive behaviors that are created from fear, and they're often below the radar.

Saturn crisis moments are challenges to those coping mechanisms, that protect you, but also keep you from growing.

Life Structure

Saturn shows us how to step up to the plate, in areas where there's the most fear.

Or the need to reshape our lives at its very foundation.

Saturn shows us how to create boundaries and apply ourselves. With Saturn, there can be shattering times, when life falls apart. At other times, Saturn is an anchor that stabilizes your life.

The feared aspect of Saturn is what's confronted when we must grow beyond set boundaries. It brings us face-to-face with our anxieties, phobias, control-freak tendencies, inner dictator and more. Saturn is associated with karma, and the potent fears carried over from another place and time. In classical astrology (Greek), it was assigned the label, the Great Malefic, or "big baddie." Today, there's more acceptance of its role as the great teacher, though its lessons are often harsh.

It brings us down to size, and the process is often humbling! It's associated with aging, mortality and making the best use of your time. Saturn's path is to make best use of what we've got, within the time frame allotted.

In the end, we discover that Saturn is our greatest ally. We are pressured "not to settle" for a half-lived life, but to create the life structures that help us make our dreams real.

Find your own Saturn sign on your birth chart.

Saturn in Aries: confrontational, battles with authority, disciplining the action impulse, to master the art of self-assertion and creative risk.

See also Saturn in the First House.

Saturn in Taurus: wise use of time and resources, an authority on value, takes pleasure seriously, works hard and plays hard, the steady builder of wealth, a committed artist.

See also Saturn in the Second House.

Saturn in Gemini: early muteness to overcome, facile with language, a skilled communicator, purposeful messenger, cultural commentator.

See also Saturn in the Third House.

Saturn in Cancer: fortress around emotions, highly intuitive about human needs, many fears about security, a wise, caring heart, motherly, can be enveloping or manipulative.

See also Saturn in the Fourth House.

Saturn in Leo: hides true ambition, cautious and controlled with self-expression, becomes highly skilled artist or speaker, works with focused intensity, larger than life persona, charisma is used as a tool, can be egocentric or self-centered, a meticulously fabulous entertainer.

See also Saturn in the Fifth House.

Saturn in Virgo: a thorough worker, self-sacrificing if not careful, focused on details, can be perfectionistic, a wise healer, holistic in outlook, a master of daily process.

See also Saturn in the Sixth House.

Saturn in Libra: concerned about fairness in relationships, averse to disorderly or lowbrow behavior, a champion for justice, a focused beautifier, crafty with language.

See also Saturn in the Seventh House.

Saturn in Scorpio: eyes to see in the dark, transmuter of the dead and diseased, committed to harnessing considerable resources, intense focus, ambitious, secretive and fearful of self-exposure, learning to wield "terrible" power of both dark and light.

See also Saturn in the Eighth House.

Saturn in Sagittarius a committed learner, explorer and traveler; able to share experiential knowledge; serious about play; rigidly honest, to the point of being blunt; protective of freedom.

See also Saturn in the Ninth House.

Saturn in Capricorn desirous of status and respect, authoritarian streak, incredible fortitude.

See also Saturn in the Tenth.

Saturn in Aquarius committed to social circles and group action, disciplined mind that follows quirky threads of inspiration, dogmatically rebellious, persistent in the pursuit of personal and collective breakthroughs.

See also Saturn in the Eleventh.

Saturn in Pisces bringing form to the spiritual quest, confronting delusions and illusions, reining in the infinite Self, being disciplined about submerging in the imaginative ocean.

See also Saturn in the Twelfth.

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