Saturn Scorpio (Transit) in the Houses

Soulforce and Soulmates

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Phoenix Rising

Saturn is in Scorpio starting October 5th, 2012 and this lasts for two and a half years. Find the house with Scorpio on the cusp (for some, it begins within the house). Free associate Saturn, Scorpio and the house for possibilities. Here's a sampler to get things started.

Saturn Scorpio in the First House: (House of Aries and Mars) Saturn first crosses your Ascendant in Scorpio, and this is known to add a cloak of depression or seriousness.

And yet, take heart -- the end game is to transform your sense of self. It's about breaking apart what's calcified around your free expression and ability to grow. Saturn makes it clear what's energetically dead, and as you persevere, you find a more verdant, animated foundation.

Saturn reins in your focus to a preoccupation with the self. It's time experience life as a singular, concentrated force, not one diluted or co-dependent. Some experience with this a loss of those they've been emotionally merged with. Saturn is reshaping things, to make room for the experience of independence. It's about setting up a life structure, that supports the impulses of the authentic self.

Catching sight of your wrinkles and flab in a grossly over lit dressing room. A health crisis that forces you to look at how you resist or flow with change. Losing a job that gave you a role to play -- one that you've outgrown.

Leading to the first inklings of a self-sourced career. A sense of integrity and a seasoned style. A new and improved atmosphere of the self that's energized, inspired and that trusts the process of metamorphosis.

Saturn Scorpio in the Second House: (House of Taurus and Venus) In the first house, your self-image was updated, to match who you're becoming now.

With Saturn in the second, you take a hard look at your value and what you're investing in. Are your trappings -- home, budgetary responsibilities, other possessions -- in synch with this emerging self? Are you seeing a return for your presence and natural talents?

Saturn here is known to bring malaise to money and how it flows. Since Saturn is in Scorpio, you're well-positioned to uncover universal laws about money. It means getting to core beliefs about abundance, and your worthiness. You may walk through the shadow side, to claim more potency here. If there's a personal financial crisis, with doors blocked and few allies to help, this leads you to total transformation. One possibility is shifting into work that reflects your values. Another is investing in your natural talents, gaining skills or knowledge. Saturn's gift is greater productivity, that's also more satisfying.

Saturn Scorpio in the Third House: (House of Gemini and Mercury) After Saturn's upgrade of the self (first) and taking stock (second), it's time to engage in the social and intellectual scenes. Your tolerance for "playing nice" is at a nadir, and this can cause a temporary retreat. You find the old haunts with their regulars stultifying, and may feel socially isolated.

You could find school friends, colleagues acquaintances or siblings are low on understanding. The cracks form and hint at another way of engaging.

Later in this transit, the openings lead to new friendships and momentum with what you're learning in 'earth school.' You find a way to express the ineffable -- you seek mediums to share your eye for magic in everyday life.

Saturn in the third is where you get your groove back. This happens through the mix of minds or as an eternal student. You establish your real life (or online) presence as an authority, creating media (being an intermediary for translating the world).

Saturn Scorpio in the Fourth House: (House of Cancer and the Moon) Now there's a strong drive to establish a home base. Here you get to the emotional and psychic underpinnings more concrete in some way.

This comes about sometimes through loss that takes away the usual familiar (and comforting) edges. It could be a bad break up, where your childhood bundle of behaviors ruined a good thing. For some, it's the loss of a matriarch figure, or an intensified need of parents.

There's sorting through emotional detritus, to come out from under what's hindering growth. You find a way to remake home, which is especially important if you came out of toxic origins. You sift out what your real needs are vs. ones that came from childhood conditions. Now is the time for profound inner growth. You gain a sense of emotional sovereignty, and freedom to build your home from the ground up. You might buy or sell, move down the block or to another town. The main gift is being able to be at home in your own skin, wherever you go.

Saturn Scorpio in the Fifth House: (House of Leo and the Sun) The desire here is to be known and loved to the depths of the soul. But first there can be a sense of deadness, and lack of enthusiasm for what used to give pleasure. If you're heart's not in what you're doing, it starts to feel intolerable. Take heart -- this augurs a path unfolding to deeper joy.

Now is the time to break out of routine, to find authentic enthusiasm. Until you find that sweet spot or spots, it feels like you've hit doldrums of unhappiness. This is for taking what gives you pleasure seriously. You overcome stagnation and find what's unique to your story and draw it out in some way. Through dedication, you could formalize a hobby or creative skill.

What's meaningful is finding form for your self-expression. Children are an expression of who you are, and Saturn here is known to touch this area. You might get serious about having them, or experience a loss. There can be heavy responsibilities related to child-rearing.

Saturn Scorpio in the Sixth House: (House of Virgo and Mercury or Chiron) This is the transit for running a tighter day-to-day ship. You're getting relentless reminders of what's needing attention. A limit of hours in the day puts pressure on you to weigh priorities. It becomes clear what time-stealers must go, and what habits are a complete waste. Now is a time to consider work shake-ups, for a day that's more nourishing or wholesome.

Are you ill at ease? A health scare or awareness of your own mortal limits motivates you to make adjustments. You might get serious about yoga or some other healthful practice. Saturn here helps you prepare for the next phase, of refining your way of being with others. A gift from the 6th is being your own healer, which with Scorpio, has a shamanic dimension. You can master sensing what's needed, to move and transform energies, to avoid dis-ease and distractions.

Saturn Scorpio in the Seventh House: (House of Libra and Venus) This heralds the death knell for relationships that are an awkward fit. During this transit a few years ago, two people I'd say were friends gently ended things. It felt like hitting a wall, but I also realized I didn't have to strain (in one case) to bridge our very different energies. If something ends, have faith that it's Saturn's way of freeing you for something better.

There could be serious stress on the marriage or live-in relationships. If there are festering underlying issues, now is the time to address them. If there's no trust structure to do that, it's time to part ways. In Scorpio, the demands of the relationship house are nothing short of soul merging to create something new. This involves the dying process, the death of what we might call the ego -- to let go of who we are, for what we can become. A gift of Saturn here is the instinct to deal with core issues together, or make a clean break. Either way, we have the chance to get real with those closest to us.

Saturn Scorpio in the Eighth House: (House of Scorpio and Pluto) After cleaning up relationships in the Seventh, now we seek steady ground in a world where there are many pulls to the psyche. We deal head-on with issues of authority and authority figures. At the outset, there can be demands from ownership, taxes, or an inheritance.

There could be financial entanglements with others that at first feel unsolvable.

Saturn is in Scorpio's own house here, the eighth, of sex, death and dying to the old, so something new can emerge. This promises to be big and open a path to greater empowerment. A way through, though, means acknowledging any vice grip power and /or money situations that have a psychic hold.

It's worth looking here at the energetic contracts made with money. What subtle unspoken agreements are made, in exchange for money?

Saturn Scorpio in the Ninth House: (House of Sagittarius and Jupiter) It's curious to find Saturn, the contractor, in the 9th House, ruled by Jupiter, the expander. Now is the time to connect personal momentum with a sense of purpose. If you travel, it'll be empty, unless it ties in with your long range vision. If you're in school, it'll feel pointless, until you align it with your inspired future.

This brings a chance to widen your worldview, to make room for what's ahead. The next houses are about making your mark, and being a public presence. If your world has become too small, you grow discontent and restless. You might break out by embarking on a voyage of learning, whether formally or self-directed.

Saturn Scorpio in the Tenth House: (House of Capricorn and Saturn) From Saturn's natural journey through the houses, you've gained self-awareness and a sense of purpose. You might face a steep learning curve now. But Saturn is at home in the 10th, and Scorpio is a do or die sign. You're ready to overcome inner and outer resistance, and climb those mountains.

If doors are closing, pay attention. Saturn likes to block exits, to get you curious about other possibilities. Is it time to act on the momentum of the Ninth House, and establish yourself in a chosen field? Or perhaps it's about wearing a mantle of authority? A gift of this house is becoming established and reaching a personal pinnacle -- as a healer, educator, parent, writer or whatever role you inhabit.

Saturn Scorpio in the Eleventh House: (House of Aquarius and Uranus) If Saturn moving across the Tenth house brought a sense of accomplishment, we're better able to enter this stage of collaboration. What kinds of allies are in synch, with who we are now?

At the beginning of this transit, it becomes obvious that we're hanging with the wrong crowd. It's time to bring associations to a close, and that can be hard, though we know it's time.

The reason why we were tied in with certain people has expired and we're running on fumes. We could feel flat and uninspired. This is a sign to move in new circles.

Saturn Scorpio in the Twelfth House: (House of Pisces and Neptune) This is a wrap up transit, to prepare you for a whole new Saturn cycle. You're no stranger to mysteries, with a Scorpio Twelfth House. This might be a dark night transit, but it could also be the most creative time of your life. Here Saturn puts the squeeze on, to forgive, and experience release from soul entanglements. These endings have grace, with the teaching that the great form is oceanic, so even in death, we're still part of one field.

You experience miracles, as you see with this kind of mystical clarity. You might take up formal study of metaphysics, and hone your skills as a medium or diviner. Now is the time to transform universal and soulful impressions -- to make art out of them or share them with your intimates. This is a transit for feeling connected to all of life, but especially those you love, even those on the other side.