How to Say the Countries of the World in French

World Geography and French in One Simple Language Lesson

Learning geography
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Learning the French names for countries is relatively easy if you are already familiar with the name in English. In most instances, the translation is as simple as attaching something like -ique or -ie to the end of the name. That means that this a very easy French lesson which students of any level can learn. 

Countries in French (Les Pays en français)

Below is a list of virtually all of the countries in the world, organized alphabetically from English to French.

As you study geography in the French language, you will find it useful to learn how to speak about the countries and be able to use them in sentences.

Remember that you need to use a definite article (the 'the' such as le or la) for countries. Some of the countries do not have a definite article because they are islands and articles are normally not used with islands.

You will also need to know the gender of the country in order to use it in a preposition. Nearly all countries that end in -e are feminine and the rest are masculine. There are just a few exceptions:

  • le Belize
  • le Cambodge
  • le Mexique
  • le Mozambique
  • le Zaïre
  • le Zimbabwe

In those cases and for countries that use l' as the definitive article, the gender is indicated next to the name.

Afghanistanl'Afghanistan (m)
Albanial'Albanie (f)
Algerial'Algérie (f)
Andorral'Andorre (f)
Angolal'Angola (m)
Antigua and Barbudal'Antigua-et-Barbuda (f)
Argentinal'Argentine (f)
Armenial'Arménie (f)
Australial'Australie (f)
Austrial'Autriche (f)
Azerbaijanl'Azerbaïdjan (m)
Bahamasles Bahamas (f)
Bahrainle Bahreïn
Bangladeshle Bangladesh 
Barbadosla Barbade 
Belarusla Biélorussie 
Belgiumla Belgique
Belizele Belize (m)
Beninle Bénin 
Bhutanle Bhoutan 
Boliviala Bolivie 
Bosniala Bosnie-Herzégovine 
Botswanale Botswana 
Brazille Brésil 
Bruneile Brunéi 
Bulgariala Bulgarie 
Burkina-Fasole Burkina 
Burmala Birmanie 
Burundile Burundi 
Cambodiale Cambodge (m)
Cameroonle Cameroun 
Canada (learn the provinces)le Canada 
Cape Verde Islandle Cap-Vert 
Central African Republicla République centrafricaine 
Chadle Tchad 
Chilele Chili 
Chinala Chine 
Colombiala Colombie
Comoro Islandsles Comores (f)
Congole Congo 
Cook Islandsles Îles Cook
Costa Ricale Costa Rica 
Côte d'Ivoirela Côte d'Ivoire 
Croatiala Croatie 
CyprusChypre (f)
Czech Republicla République tchèque 
Denmarkle Danemark
Djiboutile Djibouti
Dominicala Dominique 
Dominican Republicla République dominicaine 
Ecuadorl'Équateur (m)
Egyptl'Égypte (f)
El Salvadorle Salvador 
Englandl'Angleterre (f)
Equatorial Guineala Guinée équatoriale 
Eritreal'Érythrée (f)
Estonial'Estonie (f)
Ethiopial'Éthiopie (f)
Fijiles Fidji (f)
Finlandla Finlande 
France (learn the regions)la France 
French Polynesiala Polynésie française
Gabonle Gabon 
Gambiala Gambie 
Georgiala Géorgie 
Germanyl'Allemagne (f)
Ghanale Ghana 
Greecela Grèce 
Grenadala Grenade 
Guatemalale Guatemala 
Guineala Guinée 
Guinea Bissaula Guinée-Bissao 
Guyanala Guyana 
Hondurasle Honduras 
Hungaryla Hongrie 
Icelandl'Islande (f)
Indial'Inde (f)
Indonesial'Indonésie (f)
Iranl'Iran (m)
Iraql'Irak (m)
Irelandl'Irlande (f)
IsraelIsraël (m)
Italyl'Italie (f)
Jamaicala Jamaïque 
Japanle Japon 
Jordanla Jordanie 
Kazakhstanle Kazakhstan 
Kenyale Kenya 
Kiribati Kiribati (f)
Kuwaitle Koweït 
Kyrgyzstanle Kirghizstan 
Laosle Laos 
Latviala Lettonie 
Lebanonle Liban 
Lesothole Lesotho 
Liberiale Libéria 
Libyala Libye 
Liechtensteinle Liechtenstein 
Lithuaniala Lituanie 
Luxembourgle Luxembourg 
Macedoniala Macédoine
MadagascarMadagascar (m)
Malawile Malawi 
Malaysiala Malaisie 
Maldivesles Maldives (f)
Malile Mali 
MaltaMalte (f)
Marshall Islandsles Îles Marshall
Mauritaniala Mauritanie 
MauritiusÎle Maurice (f)
Mexicole Mexique (m)
Micronesiala Micronésie 
Moldaviala Moldavie 
Mongoliala Mongolie 
Montenegrole Monténégro
Moroccole Maroc 
Mozambiquele Mozambique 
Namibiala Namibie 
Naurula Nauru
Nepalle Népal 
Netherlandsles Pays-Bas 
New Zealandla Nouvelle-Zélande 
Nicaraguale Nicaragua 
Nigerle Niger 
Nigeriale Nigéria 
North Koreala Corée du Nord 
Northern Irelandl'Irelande du Nord (f)
Norwayla Norvège
Omanl'Oman (m)
Pakistanle Pakistan 
Panamale Panama 
Papua New Guineala Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée 
Paraguayle Paraguay 
Perule Pérou 
Philippinesles Philippines (f)
Polandla Pologne 
Portugalle Portugal
Qatarle Qatar
Romaniala Roumanie 
Russiala Russie 
Rwandale Rwanda 
Saint Kitts-NevisSaint-Christophe-et-Niévès (m)
Saint LuciaSainte-Lucie
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesSaint-Vincent-et-les-Grenadines
San MarinoSaint-Marin
Sao Tomé and PrincipeSao Tomé et Principe (m)
Saudi Arabial'Arabie saoudite (f)
Scotlandl'Écosse (f)
Senegalle Sénégal 
Serbiala Serbie
Seychellesles Seychelles (f)
Sierra Leonela Sierra Leone 
Slovakiala Slovaquie 
Sloveniala Slovénie 
Soloman Islandsles Îles Salomon
Somaliala Somalie 
South Africal'Afrique du Sud (f)
South Koreala Corée du Sud 
Spainl'Espagne (f)
Sri Lankale Sri Lanka
Sudanle Soudan 
Surinamle Surinam
Swazilandle Swaziland 
Swedenla Suède 
Switzerlandla Suisse 
Syriala Syrie
Tajikistanle Tadjikistan 
Tanzaniala Tanzanie 
Thailandla Thaïlande 
Togole Togo 
Tongales Tonga (f)
Trinidad and Tobagola Trinité-et-Tobago 
Tunisiala Tunisie 
Turkeyla Turquie 
Turkmenistanle Turkménistan 
Tuvalule Tuvalu
Ugandal'Ouganda (m)
Ukrainel'Ukraine (f)
United Arab Emiratesles Émirats arabes unis (m)
United Kingdomle Royaume-Uni 
United States (learn the states)les États-Unis (m) 
Uruguayl'Uruguay (m)
Uzbekistanl'Ouzbékistan (m)
Vanuatule Vanuatu
Vaticanle Vatican
Venezuelale Venezuela
Vietnamle Viêt-Nam 
Walesle pays de Galles
Western Samoales Samoa occidentales 
Yemenle Yémen 
Yugoslaviala Yougoslavie 
Zaire (Congo)le Zaïre (m)
Zambiala Zambie 
Zimbabwele Zimbabwe (m)