How to Scale MS Word Documents for Printing

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How to Resize Word Documents for Printing

Creating a Word document in one paper size doesn't mean you can only print it on that paper size. Microsoft Word makes it easy to change the paper size when it's time to print. You can make the size change temporary just for printing, or you can save the size change in the document. 

The option is easily accessible in the print setup dialog. When the paper size is changed, your document automatically scales to fit the paper size you choose. You see on your computer display the new size and position of the text and other elements of the document.

How to Resize Word Documents

  1. With your Word file open, access the File > Print menu item or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P.
  2. In the print dialog box, choose the Page Setup link. If you are using an older version of MS Word, skip this step.
  3. In the Paper tab, click or tap the drop-down menu next to Paper size to change the paper size. (This option is found in a Scale to paper size option in older versions of Word.) For example, if your document is set up for letter-size paper, you can choose legal size paper. When you do, the document size on screen changes to legal size and the text reflows to the new size.
  4. Examine the document on screen in Word. It shows how the content of the document flows in the new size and how it will look when printed. It usually displays the same right, left and top margins.
  5. Make any other changes you need and then choose the OK button to print the document.

To Save or Not to Save

You have the option to save the size change permanently to the document or to keep the original size. If you want to make the change permanent, select File > Save while the document displays the new size. If you want to retain the original size, do not click Save at any point.


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