SCAM: 'Malaysian Plane Crash Is FOUND!' Video

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As shared on Facebook, March 14, 2014:

BREAKING NEWS Malaysian Plane Crash is Found!
Viral Facebook posts promote a video supposedly showing the recovery of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370 in March 2014.. Via Facebook

Description: Viral posts
Circulating since: March 2014
Status: SCAM (see details below)

Caption example:
As shared on Facebook, March 14, 2014:

[BREAKING NEWS] Malaysian Plane Crash is FOUND!

Watch the [BREAKING NEWS] Malaysia Plane Crash Into Vietnam Sea MH370 Malaysia Airlines is FOUND!

Analysis: This is a clickjacking scam exploiting public concern over the fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370, which vanished over the South China Sea on March 8, 2014, and is still missing. As of this writing, the missing plane has not been found, therefore, obviously, no authentic video of its finding or recovery exists.

The scam spreads by tricking unwary users into sharing the video in order to view it, causing the blurb to be replicated on friends' news feeds. Users are then redirected to a page where they're instructed to download special video player software -- a very bad idea, given that there's no way of knowing where the software came from or what it really does.

Similar scams are circulating under the titles "Malaysian Airlines Finally Found" and "Malaysia Plane MH370 Has Been Spotted Somewhere Near Bermuda Triangle."

Don't risk the security of your Facebook account or computer by clicking on links in suspicious posts like these. If they turn up in your news feed, delete them. Advise your friends to do the same.

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