SCAM: "OMG Teen Died Immediately After Friends Did This" Video

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OMG Teen Died Immediately After Friends Did This

OMG Teen Died Immediately after Friends did this much force to her Today
Netlore Archive: Viral scam purports to link to a video of a teen girl who died after being raped by friends.. Via Facebook

Description: Viral wall postings
Circulating since: April 2014
Status: Scam

Analysis: No such video exists. It's a clickjacking scam. The lurid Facebook post you see above is designed to sucker users into clicking on links which redirect them to other websites where they're offered the "opportunity" to take surveys and view promotional materials. Not very exciting. It's a classic bait and switch scam. We've seen similar ones before.

The scam is spread by users themselves. The first instruction they're given when they try to view the video is to share it with their entire friend list. Embarrassingly for them, many people do. (Rule of thumb: don't share stuff before you even look at it.)

Worst case scenario, uncareful users may expose themselves to a malware attack (be especially wary of links offering downloadable software of any kind) and end up with their account and/or network security compromised.

See resources below for more info on identifying and protecting yourself from online clickjacking and survey scams.

Test your BS detector:
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