SCAM: Video Warning About Shampoo

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Head and Shoulders Shampoo

You Will Not Use Head and Shoulders Shampoo After Watching This Video
Netlore Archive: Viral blurbs tout a video showing a horrendous skin condition resulting from the use of Head & Shoulders, Dove, or other name-brand shampoo.

Description: Clickjacking scam
Circulating since: June 2014
Status: Fake / False

Via social media, June-July 2014:

GOVERNMENT WARNING: You Will Never Use This Shampoo After Viewing This Video


[12+ VIDEO] You Will Not Use Head & Shoulders Shampoo After Watching This Video - Must watch this video if you use Head & Shoulder Shampoo to save yourself...


[1Ȣ+ VIDĘO] You Will Néver Use Dòve Shámpoò After Wátching This Clip!


[18+ VIDEO] You Will Never Use Garnier Shampoo After Watching This Clip - Must watch this video if you use Garnier Shampoo to save yourself from this disease

Analysis: These blurbs are examples of a clickjacking scam using bait-and-switch tactics to lure users to deceptive websites where they're required to complete marketing surveys and/or download potentially dangerous software in order to view a promoted video which, in most cases, does not exist.

Users who click through are also required to share the video before viewing it, which is how the blurbs "go viral." It's always a bad idea to comply with such a requirement. Not only do you spam your own friends and expose them to a scam, you also, in effect, grant scammers access to your Facebook (or other social media) account. Think before you click!

The creepy-looking image used in the blurb above, supposedly depicting some sort of horrendous skin condition somebody got from using a name-brand shampoo, is a familiar bit of fakery created by combining a photo of human skin with a photo of a lotus seed pod. The medical condition is not real.

Test your hoax radar: Can YOU Spot the Fakes?

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Lotus Seed Pod

Lotus Seed Pod
Close-up photo of a dried lotus seed pod. Yuki Crawford/Moment Open/Getty Images