16 Scary Technology Questions Grandma Never Had To Ask

Ohhh those simpler times...

The first smartphone wasn't invented until 1992. Facebook wasn't even a blip on the radar until 2004. Even email didn't exist until the 1970s! Think of how different life would be (or was, if you can remember it) without having Google Maps as you navigate the NYC subway maze, or on the flip side, if you didn't have to worry about data breaches and having your identity stolen. Many of the questions we ask tech geeks or forums online wouldn't even have existed 50 years ago (oh right, since the Internet wasn't even around then!). While the advancements in technology can be very exciting and beneficial, here are some of the scarier technology questions your grandparents would never have imagined asking.

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I've been hacked! Now what?


Hacks can be pretty scary, as they can lead to identity theft, viruses, and even the death of your computer. There are ways to deal with a hack however, and while it's pretty tedious, it's a really smart thing to follow these 10 steps after a computer hack. Some things are not, in fact, made simpler with technology.

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What do I need to know about identity theft?

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Did you know there are EIGHT types of identity theft? While having your credit card stolen can be terrifying, there are far worse things out there, like a data breach that affects 80 million customers or having someone commit a crime under your name. Make sure you know the different kinds of identity theft and learn how to protect yourself against them!

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Why is it REALLY BAD to post these 10 things on social media?

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So you post on Instagram you're on this awesome Spring Break trip in Cancun. Next thing you know your house has been broken into. You post your full birth date on Facebook, next thing you know hackers have just a little more information for that identity theft. Just don't do it! By posting these 10 things on social media you could be opening your world to a whole lot of trouble, and even danger. You don't want that, now do you?

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Who will manage my Facebook account when I die?

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It can be creepy to think about how your Facebook page and other social media footprints can live on after you die, but it's actually something you need to think about these days. Now you can actually appoint a "legacy contact" to represent your account on Facebook should the need arise. It makes sense, but it's still strange, right?

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Ahhhh! My iPhone was stolen! What do I do?

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How do I contact anyone ever again? How do I find my way to work? How do I not go crazy on my way to work without my music? Will they have access to my email? Will they know where I live? Ahhhhh!!!! Stop, take a breathe, and do these 11 things. It'll be okay.

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Worms? Trojans? What is the DEAL with computer viruses?


People viruses are scary enough, now they're in computers? Unfortunately computer viruses come in various shapes and sizes, coming in from almost anywhere and wreaking havoc on your computer. They can infect your system, steal your information, overwrite files, and so much more. Make sure to scan for viruses and protect your computer! Here are 11 free online virus scanners to get you started!

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Am I addicted to social media?

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Yes, social media addiction is a real thing! Whether you've become a Facebook stalker or ignore everything in life other than your Twitter follower count, you might be addicted to social media. If you think social media has become an unhealthy obsession for you, here are a few resources to assess the situation:

7 Signs of Facebook Addiction

Symptoms of Addiction

Kicking Your Facebook Addiction

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How do I fix the blue screen/spinning pinwheel of DEATH on my PC?

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Since so many jobs rely on computers now, and you probably have a TON of your information stored on yours (passwords, resumes, work documents, etc) it's one of the scariest things ever when your computer freezes... or dies. What do you do when you get that blue screen of death as a PC user, or the spinning pinwheel of death on the Mac? You better figure out, because your whole life is pretty much on that computer.

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What personal information are companies collecting about me?

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You'd be shocked at how easily companies can gather personal information about you. For example, if you're online and don't disable cookies, companies can track you as you visit their website. Or maybe, you've noticed that now ads are personalized to you on Facebook or other places you visit online. That isn't by mistake. Large companies such as Google and Microsoft are collecting, and even sharing, information about you, so watch out!

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Why does my entire dating life exist on an app?

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"The online dating world can be both an exciting and scary place at the same time. You want to "put yourself out there" while also not risking your personal safety or your privacy." Online dating has definitely revolutionized the way people can meet others. People are no longer limited by location or limiting social situations, and now even the stigma of online dating has been smoothed over with the accessibility that comes along with dating apps. But does this then also take away the romance, excitement, and even effort that used to accompany dating? Do people even really ? And then there's the whole other issue of potentially being matched with a scam bot... Yes the dating app world is an exciting one, but it can be daunting as well.

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How can I protect myself and others from cyberbullies?

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Cyberbullying is a very real and very dangerous thing. It can happen at any age, and perhaps the scariest thing about it is the immense harm it can cause... all anonymously. When hiding behind a screen people can attack others for and number of things, whether it's their sexuality, race, or even gender. Cyberbullying has devastating effects, and can lead to depression, or even suicide. Here are a few ways to recognize cyberbullying and assess how to stop it:

5 Types of Cyberbullying

10 Facts About Cyberbullying Every Educator Should Know

A Parent's Guide to Cyberbullying

11 Ways to Deal With a Workplace Cyberbully

10 Ways to Respond to Cyberbullying

4 Ways Every Parent Can Prevent Their Child From Cyberbullying

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Why is my kid SEXTING?

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It's hard to imagine what your kid can be doing with their phone, but it's important to know what dangers are out there for them, and sexting is one of them. While it isn't smart for , particularly when pictures can fall into the wrong hands, it's especially frightening when it's your baby doing it. Make sure you're informed and your kids are as well. Talk to them about it. They may just be embarrassed enough to stop doing it.

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Is my significant other cheating on me online?

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While affairs have unfortunately existed since the earliest records of time, technology has given a wide array of outlets that have made this extra-marital activity a lot easier. It may seem harmless since there's a screen between you and whoever is on the other end, but the same emotions are involved. Here are signs your significant other may be online cheating.

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How do I protect my kids from online predators?

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You may think that keeping photos of your child from being posted online may be enough to protect them from predators, but you'd be wrong. A lot of your assumptions about online predators may be. Online predators usually do not fit the stereotype, making them that much more dangerous. While spying on your kids may not be the answer, there are ways to monitor their online use and protect them from the scary things (and people) that may lurk behind the screen.

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How do I know if I'm being scammed online?

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Like viruses, scams can come in many forms, geared to trick you into giving personal and financial information away. It's important to be able to recognize a scam: 

The Top 10 Internet/Email Scams of 2014

The 10 Most Common Online Scams

But what happens if it's too late? Time for some damage control.

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If computers are smarter than people what will happen to us?

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Science fiction has become science fact over the years. Computers can now beat world champions at chess and robots are commonplace in various industries. There are even robotic therapists that help with people with depression. With this much power in the hands of Artificial Intelligence, where does that leave the future of humanity?