School Subjects in Mandarin

Chinese student working in class
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Learn the Mandarin names of common school subjects with this vocabulary list. Each entry has an audio file for pronunciation and listening comprehension.


Fine art painter holding a palette and painting-close up

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English: Art
Pinyin: yì shù
trad: 藝術
simp: 艺术
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You're going to want a score over 700 on the Biology SAT Subject exams.

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English: Biology
Pinyin: shēng wù xué
trad: 生物學
simp: 生物学
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Chemistry research. A pipette transferring liquid to a beaker and a ball-and-stick molecular model

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English: Chemistry
Pinyin: huà xué
trad: 化學
simp: 化学
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Computer Science


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English: Computer Science
Pinyin: jì suàn jī kē xué
trad: 計算機科學
simp: 计算机科学
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Stage acting

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English: Drama
Pinyin: xì jù
trad: 戲劇
simp: 戏剧
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Money bags

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English: Economics
Pinyin: jīng jì xué
trad: 經濟學
simp: 经济学
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Girl writing on chalkboard

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English: English
Pinyin: yīng yǔ
trad: 英語
simp: 英语
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Picture of a world map from 1602.

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English: Geography
Pinyin: dì lǐ xué
trad: 地理學
simp: 地理学
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Young woman lifting weights
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English: Gym
Pinyin: tǐ yù
trad: 體育
simp: 体育
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Four food groups

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English: Health
Pinyin: jiàn kāng
trad: 健康
simp: 健康
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Napoleon takes the surrender of General Mack and the Austrians at Ulm on October 20, 1805

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English: History
Pinyin: lì shǐ xué
trad: 歷史學
simp: 历史学
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Home Economics

Domestic Partner Health Insurance Information and Options

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English: Home Economics
Pinyin: jiā zhèng
trad: 家政
simp: 家政
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SAT Math Information

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English: Mathematics
Pinyin: shù xué
trad: 數學
simp: 数学
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music and learning - three girls playing violin outside
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English: Music
Pinyin: yīn yuè
trad: 音樂
simp: 音乐
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Picture of kids carrying out an electrical physics experiment.

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English: Physics
Pinyin: wù lǐ xué
trad: 物理學
simp: 物理学
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Political Science

Political Science Class
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English: Political Science
Pinyin: zhèng zhì xué
trad: 政治學
simp: 政治学
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rorschach test

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English: Psychology
Pinyin: xīn lǐ xué
trad: 心理學
simp: 心理学
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Social Studies

Students gathered closely together looking at classwork
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English: Social Studies
Pinyin: shè huì yán jiū
trad: 社會研究
simp: 社会研究
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