Schroeder Surname Meaning and Family History

The German last name Schroeder was often an occupational surname for a tailor.
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The German last name Schröder or Schroeder is an occupational name for a tailor or cutter of cloth, from the Middle Low German schroden or schraden, meaning "to cut." In northern Germany, Schroeder was sometimes translated as "drayman," or one who delivered beer and wine.

Schröder is the 16th most common German surname.

Surname Origin: German


Famous People with the SCHROEDER Surname

  • Richard Bartlett "Ricky" Schroder, Jr. - American actor and film director
  • Friedrich Ludwig Schröder - German actor and prominent masonic leader
  • Abel Schrøder - Danish woodcarver
  • Christa Schroeder - personal secretary to Adolph Hitler
  • Ernst Schröder - German mathematician

Where is the SCHROEDER Surname Most Common?

Surname maps from indicate the Schröder surname is most common in northwestern Germany, especially in areas such as Hamburg, Region Hannover, Bremen, Lippe, Diepholz, Herford, Rendsburg-Eckernförde, Märkischer Kreis and Hochsauerlandkreis.

Surname distribution maps from Forebears do not specifically address the Schröder spelling but indicate that the surname Shroder is most prevalent in Germany (although not as common as Schroeder), while the majority of individuals with the Schroeder spelling live in the United States. Based on population percentage, however, Schroeder is a much more common surname in Germany and is especially common in Luxembourg, where it ranks as the 10th most common surname in the country. Data from WorldNames PublicProfiler varies (probably based on the interpretation of the umlaut spelling), pointing to Schroder being most prolific in Germany, followed by Denmark, Norway, Austria, and the Netherlands, while Shroeder is by far the most common in Luxembourg, followed by the United States.

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