SCHULZ Last Name Origin and Meaning

Schulz last name origin and meaning

The surname Schulz, which ranks 9th among most common German last names, has several possible origins:

  1. A German occupational name for the man in charge of a village (magistrate, sheriff, overseer) originally derived from the Middle High German word schulteize meaning the person in charge of collecting payments on behalf of the lord of the manor. It is similar in meaning to the English family name, Constable.
  2. The Jewish origin of the SCHULTZ / SCHULZ name is uncertain, possibly given to, or by, a rabbi.

The Schulz surname is most commonly found in Germany according to the World Names Public Profiler, especially within the regions of Brandenburg, Mecklenberg-Vorpommern, Berlin, Sachsen-Anhalt, and Schleswig-Holstein. It is next found most frequently in Austria and Australia. When spelled with a "t" (Schultz), the last name is more common in Denmark and the United States than Germany.

Because most last names originate in multiple areas, the best way to learn more about your Schulz last name is to research your own specific family history. If you are new to genealogy, you can try tracing your family tree or learn more researching German genealogy and family coat of arms.

Surname Origin: German, English


  • Charles Schulz - American cartoonist, artist, and illustrator, best known for the popular comic strip Peanuts
  • Howard Schultz - Starbucks CEO
  • Warren Schultz - American game designer
  • Erwin Schulz - German Nazi SS general

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