Science Picture Quizzes

Test Your Recognition of Science Images

Test your ability to identify elements, signs, symbols, and equipment with these fun multiple choice science picture quizzes. Pictures quizzes are a good learning aid because sometimes concepts just aren't easy to put into words or else you need to recognize something by sight.

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Element Picture Quiz

Diamonds. Mario Sarto,

Can you recognize the elements when you see them? Here's a quiz that tests your ability to identify an element based on how it appears in its pure form.

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Hazard Symbol Quiz

Skull and Crossbones
The skull and crossbones is used to indicate the presence of a toxic or poisonous material. Silsor, Wikipedia Commons

You'll be a lot safer if you can understand the signs that warn you about danger! This quiz tests your knowledge of common hazard symbols and lab safety signs.

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Lab Glassware Quiz

Test tubes in a test tube rack.
Test tubes in a test tube rack. TRBfoto, Getty Images

Can you identify basic pieces of glassware that you would find in the science lab? Here's your chance to quiz yourself.

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