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Encourage Science Exploration

Science is usually a high-interest topic for children due to their inherently curious nature. They want to know how and why things work. Science capitalizes on children's inquisitiveness to know more about the world around them. Each time they explore a scientific concept — even if they don't realize that's what they're doing — they increase their knowledge and appreciation of that world.

To motivate students to engage in scientific exploration:

  • Encourage them to ask questions when they don't understand something.
  • Provide lots of opportunities for hands-on exploration, such as regular nature study.
  • Purchase simple science equipment and kits for your kids to explore.
  • Share your own observations with your children, pointing out things such as interesting rocks, unusual insects, or a variety of birds.
  • Talk about the weather and the causes of rain, snow, fog, earthquakes, or hurricanes
  • Conduct your own experiments and encourage your students to record their findings

And, of course, use these free printable science forms to encourage the exploration and recording of scientific findings in your classroom or homeschool. 

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Science Report Form - Page 1

Science Form 6

Use this form as you begin to have students research the topic of their choice. Encourage your children to list new facts that they discover rather than interesting facts they already know. If they're studying an animal, for example, they may already be familiar with its physical attributes, but they may not know about its diet or natural habit.

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Science Report Form - Page 2

Science Form 7

Students use this science report form to draw a picture related to their topic and write a report about it. Prompt your children to be as detailed as possible in keeping with the expectations of their age and ability. If they're drawing a flower, for example, a young child might include and label the stem, flowers, and petals, while an older student might also include the stamen, anther, and filament.

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Science Report Form - Page 3

Science Form 8

Use this form to list the resources used for your research. The form includes blank lines for students to list books and websites. You might also have them list magazine or DVD titles, the name of a place they visited for a field trip on the topic, or the name of a person they interviewed.

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Science Report Information Sheet

Science Form 3

On the previous form, the student listed the resources she used in her research. On this form, specific discoveries and interesting facts can be listed from each of those resources. If your student will be writing a report on her topic, this form is excellent for filling out as she reads (or watches a DVD or interviews someone) about each of the resources so that she can reference these sources when composing her report.

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Science Experiment Form - Page 1

Science Form 4

Use this page while conducting science experiments. Tell students to list the title of the experiment, the materials used, the questions they're hoping to answer by doing the experiment, their hypothesis (what they think will happen), and their method (what, exactly, they did for the project). This form is excellent practice for lab reports in high school.

Encourage your student to be as detailed as possible. When describing the method, prompt them to include enough detail that someone who has not done the experiment could replicate it successfully.

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Science Experiment Form - Page 2

Science Form 5

Use this form to have young learners draw a picture of the experiment, record the results, and describe what they learned.

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My Skeleton Report

Science Form 9

Use this form when studying the human body. Students will do research to answer the questions and draw a picture depicting what the inside of their bodies look like.

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My Animal Report - Page 1

Science Form 1

Animals are a high-interest topic for young children. Print multiple copies of this form to record facts about animals that interest your student or those you observe on your nature walks or field trips.

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My Animal Report - Page 2

Science Form 2

Students can use this form to draw a picture of each animal that they study and record interesting facts they learned. You might want to print these pages on card stock and three-hole punch them to assemble an animal fact book in a folder or binder.

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