Scientific Method Flow Chart

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Scientific Method Flow Chart

This flow chart diagrams the steps of the scientific method.
This flow chart diagrams the steps of the scientific method. Anne Helmenstine

These are the steps of the scientific method in the form of a flow chart. You can download or print the flow chart for reference.

The Scientific Method

The scientific method is a system of exploring the world around us, asking and answering questions, and making predictions. Scientists use the scientific method because it is objective and based on evidence. A hypothesis is fundamental to the scientific method. A hypothesis can take the form of an explanation or a prediction. There are several ways to break down the steps of the scientific method, but it always involves forming a hypothesis, testing the hypothesis, and determining whether or not the hypothesis is correct.

Typical Steps of the Scientific Method

  1. Make observations.
  2. Propose a hypothesis.
  3. Design and conduct and experiment to test the hypothesis.
  4. Analyze the results of the experiment to form a conclusion.
  5. Determine whether or not the hypothesis is accepted or rejected.
  6. State the results.

If the hypothesis is rejected, this does not mean the experiment was a failure. In fact, if you proposed a null hypothesis (the easiest to test), rejecting the hypothesis may be sufficient to state the results. Sometimes, if the hypothesis is rejected, you reformulate the hypothesis or discard it and then go back to the experimentation stage.

Download or Print the Flow Chart

This graphic is available for use as a pdf image.

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