Scorpio Rx- Wellness Tips for Scorpio

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Stephanie Gailing is a holistic astrologer based in Seattle, and the author of Planetary Apothecary.

Buried Treasures

With the Sun in Scorpio, we are awarded a great opportunity for renewing our health. There’s an intensity that’s palpable, one that can help us connect with the buried treasures of will and intent that reside deep within us.

This inner strength, resolve, and power is ours to harness so that we can fortify our health and sense of well-being.

As the Scorpio energy is one of commitment, we can tap into this if we are looking to reinvigorate our dedication to our health and wellness goals (and of course, other areas of our life as well).

Saturn can be a great guide, a crystallizing force for helping us to create form. Therefore, a positive manifestation of Scorpio energies is the ability to forge a structured and realistic approach to connecting with the wealth of our inner resources, including our healing powers.

(Editor's Note:  To 2014 and a dip back into 2015, Saturn was in Scorpio, for even greater focused will and clarity.) 


One of Scorpio’s virtues is that it is amenable to the dark, to what others may often turn a blind eye and look to avoid; that which others consider taboo, Scorpio often considers “normal.” Therefore, it’s no coincidence that the large intestine and the process of elimination are under the domain of Scorpio in medical astrology.

Since colonic health is integrally tied to our immunity and overall well-being, taking the time to focus on this area of our body can be of great benefit.  Consider a well-balanced mini-fast, colonhydrotherapy treatment, or herbal supplements (i.e., psyllium, aloe vera, triphala) that have intestine-supporting qualities.

Fermented foods—such as yogurt, kim chi, and kombucha—as well as probiotic and prebiotic supplements also help to support colonic health.

Watch the Drama

A Scorpio caveat: while the intensity—the now or never, the all or nothing—that is captured in this sign can be transformative, it also has the potential to be stressful.  During this time, notably in the Northern Hemisphere as we are entering into the dark of winter (and with that flu season), it’s especially important to minimize stress wherever possible. That’s because psychological stress has physical consequences, including reducing the fortitude of our immune system.

Therefore, it’s of great value to be mindful of how we approach the challenges in our lives—and in addition trying not to create additional ones by too much Scorpionic stirring of the pot—while also building in time for rest and relaxation. This can further help to make this a time for powerful and beneficial transformation.

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