The Scott Peterson Trial

Background and the Latest Developments

Scott Peterson Trial Continues
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Scott Peterson was charged with the murder of his pregnant wife Laci Denise Peterson and their unborn son Conner Peterson sometime between Dec. 23 and Dec. 24, 2002. The badly decomposed remains of Laci Peterson and the couple's fetus washed ashore in April 2003, not far from where Peterson said he went on a solo fishing trip the day she vanished. Peterson was arrested April 18, 2003 in San Diego.

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Latest Developments

Scott Peterson Seeks New Trial
July 6, 2012
After eight years on death row, convicted killer Scott Peterson filed an automatic appeal asking for a new trial due to a long list of trial errors.

Previous Developments

Laci's Family Sues Scott Peterson
June 6, 2008
In an effort to make sure Scott Peterson can never make any money by selling his story, the parents of Laci Peterson have filed a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court against the man convicted of killing their daughter and her unborn child.

Scott Peterson Prosecution Totals $4.13 Million
April 24, 2005
The prosecution of Scott Peterson cost Stanislaus County taxpayers $4.13 million, some of which they hope the state of California will pay.

Judge Upholds Peterson's Death Sentence
March 25, 2005
Judge Alfred Delucchi made his decision to uphold the jury's recommendation to sentence convicted murderer Scott Peterson to death for killing his wife and their unborn child.

Peterson Sentence and Civil Case Delayed
Jan. 25, 2005
The formal sentencing for convicted killer Scott Peterson has been delayed from Feb. 25 until March 11 because his attorneys said they need more time to prepare for the hearing.

Amber's Book Upsets Laci's Family
Jan. 6, 2005
Laci Peterson's family is upset with certain aspects of the new book by Scott Peterson's mistress Amber Frey, especially the cover design they found "extremely hurtful and offensive," a family spokesman said.

Laci's Mom: Only My Death Will Bring Closure
Dec. 21, 2004
Sharon Rocha said only her own death will bring closure in the death of her daughter Laci Peterson and her unborn grandson Conner.

Scott Peterson Gets Death Penalty
Dec. 13, 2004
The jury in the Scott Peterson murder trial deliberated for 12 hours over three days before returning an unanimous recommendation that Peterson receive the death penalty for the murder of his pregnant wife, Laci Peterson.

Jurors Can't Consider Peterson's Family
Dec. 7, 2004

Peterson Witnesses Say Jury Made a Mistake
Dec. 6, 2004

Peterson's Dad Pleads for Son's Life
Dec. 1, 2004

Laci Peterson's Family Testify in Penalty Phase
Nov. 30, 2004

Peterson Penalty Trial Set to Begin
Nov. 30, 2004

Peterson's Attorney Appeals Venue Ruling
Nov. 25, 2004

Peterson Judge Denies Change of Venue

Scott Peterson Wants New Jury, Venue
Nov. 17, 2004

Focus Shifts to Families After Peterson Verdict
Nov. 14, 2004

The Peterson Verdict: Special Circumstances

Peterson Guilty of First-Degree Murder
Nov. 12, 2004

Peterson Jury Foreman Removed by Judge
Nov. 10, 2004

Judge Removes Peterson Juror No. 7
Nov. 9, 2004

Judge Tells Peterson Jurors: 'Keep an Open Mind'
Nov. 8, 2004

Peterson Jurors End Week With No Verdict

5, 2004

Scott Peterson Jury Begins Deliberations
Nov. 3, 2004

Geragos Calls Prosecution Theories 'Ludicrous'
Nov. 2, 2004

Prosecutor: Laci Peterson's Death No Mystery
Nov. 1, 2004

Closing Arguments Set in Peterson Trial
Oct. 31, 2004

Peterson Judge Allows Lesser Charge
Oct. 29, 2004

No Rebuttal from Prosecution in Peterson Case
Oct. 27, 2004

Scott Peterson Defense Rests Its Case
Oct. 26, 2004

Scott's Affair Changed Witness Statements, Defense Claims
Oct. 25, 2004

Prosecutors Attack Key Peterson Expert
Oct. 21, 2004

Peterson Evidence Collection Questioned
Oct. 20, 2004

Money Not a Motive for Scott Peterson
Oct. 19, 2004

Will Scott Peterson Take the Stand?
Oct. 18, 2004

Judge Denies Peterson Motion for Dismissal
Oct. 18, 2004

Peterson Trial Put on Hold Until Oct. 18
Oct. 12, 2004

Scott Peterson Defense Case Begins Today

12, 2004

Prosecution Rests in Peterson Trial
Oct. 5, 2204

Tidal Expert Testifies in Peterson Case
Oct. 4, 2004

Detective's Testimony Ends in Peterson Trial
Sept. 30, 2004

Peterson Defense Continues to Raise Doubts
Sept. 28, 2004

Peterson's Attorney Whittles Away at Prosecution
Sept. 27, 2004

Geragos Challenges Lead Detective's Testimony
Sept. 26, 2004

Peterson Flipped Off Undercover Agents Before Arrest
Sept. 22, 2004

Reasons Police Thought Laci Was in Bay
Sept. 21, 2004

Peterson Had Quick Theory About Laci's Dissappearance
Sept. 20, 2004

Laci Did Not Give Birth, Medical Examiner Says
Sept. 15, 2004

No Blood Found on Laci's Clothes
Sept. 14, 2004

No Blood Evidence in Scott Peterson Case
Sept. 14, 2004

Scott Peterson's Father 'Humanizes' Defendant
Sept. 13, 2004

Laci Peterson Look-Alike Neighbor Testifies
Sept. 9, 2004

Defense: Police Ignored Tips to Pursue Peterson
Sept. 7, 2004

Scott Peterson Knew He Was Followed
Sept. 6, 2004

Peterson Visited Marina Several Times During Search
Sept. 1, 2004

Who Used Peterson's Computer December 24?
Aug. 31, 2004

Peterson Trial Turns to Computer Evidence
Aug. 30, 2004

Peterson Defense Questions Wiretap Reliabilty
Aug. 26, 2004

Scott Lied to Family, Closest Supporters
Aug. 25, 2004

Scott Didn't Try to Keep Amber From Cops
Aug. 24, 2004

These are previous daily reports of developments in the Scott Peterson double murder trial in Redwood City, California.

Geragos Cross-Exams Amber Frey - Aug. 23, 2004
During the first day of cross-examination of Scott Peterson's former mistress Amber Frey, the defense attorney seemed to be implying that she did not fully cooperate with police and may have made telephone calls to Scott that were not taped.

Scott Aware He Was Being Taped? - Aug. 17, 2004
Those who have listened to the taped telephone calls between Amber Frey and Scott Peterson being played for the murder trial jury, believe that after hours of the wiretapped calls, Scott became aware he was being taped and became evasive. Frey made the tapes at the request of police, after Laci Peterson disappeared.

Amber Gets No Confession from Scott - Aug. 16, 2004
Despite Amber Frey's persistent and creative efforts, the mistress of accused double-murderer Scott Peterson did not get him to confess to killing his pregnant wife in taped phone calls played for jurors at his murder trial, in fact he never even admitted to having an unhappy marriage.

Amber Blasts Scott Peterson for Lying to Her - Aug. 13, 2004
Jurors hear tape recording of Amber Frey angrily lashing out at Scott Peterson, telling him in tape-recorded phone calls that she suspected he was involved with Laci's disappearance.

Amber confronted Scott with his earlier statement that he had "lost" his wife -- a statement made before the pregnant Laci disappeared.

Amber Testifies About Confronting Scott - Aug. 12, 2004
After tape recording hundreds of calls between herself and Scott Peterson, Amber finally confronted him about his missing pregnant wife Laci and got him to admit that he had been lying to her about his marriage and his whereabouts. "The media has been telling everyone that I had something to do with her disappearance," Peterson said in the Jan. 6 call. "So the past two weeks I've been hunted by the media... I know that I am, you know, I'm destroyed."We'll Always Have Paris (Kinda) - Aug. 11, 2004
As Amber Frey continued her second day of testimony in the Scott Peterson double murder trial, the jury began to see the character of a man who was sweet-talking his mistress just days after his pregnant wife disappeared, casually lying about his whereabouts, and lying about his commitment to their future.

The taped telephone conversations played for the jury, Scott told Amber, "we could be wonderful together ... for the rest of our lives." On the same day he attended a vigil for his missing wife, Peterson called Frey "sweetie" and lied that he was standing near the Eiffel Tower, hearing fireworks in the middle of a huge New Year's crowd.

Amber Testifies in Peterson Case - Aug. 10, 2004
Amber Frey, Scott Peterson's one-time mistress testified about their first night together, which included slow-dancing, and a hotel-room tryst, but no mention of a pregnant wife.

Frey said the relationship quickly developed from sex to serious.

She said she almost immediately trusted Peterson with her young daughter. Frey said Scott discussed a future with them.

New Evidence Prompts Delay - Aug. 6, 2004
Scott Peterson's murder trial was delayed so the defense can investigate recently discovered evidence, the judge announced after a closed-door session with the lawyers. Defense lawyer Mark Geragos said outside court that the evidence is "potentially exculpatory" and was "reluctantly" turned over by the prosecution. No details about the evidence were announced.

Prosecutors Work to Prove Premeditation - Aug. 5, 2004
Prosecutors in Scott Peterson's murder trial worked to show he began planning to kill his pregnant wife weeks before she vanished, searching for information about buying a boat and for fishing information on his computer.

Scott Ordered Porn After Wife Vanished - Aug 4, 2004
Scott Peterson ordered hard-core pornography channels for the Peterson's satellite television account less than three weeks after his pregnant wife disappeared, a company executive testified.

Expert: Scott Peterson Was Going Broke - Aug 3, 2004
Scott Peterson was going broke and getting deeper into debt in the months before his wife was killed. Prosecutors argue that the financial problems may have been a motive for the murders of Laci and her unborn child.

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