Scott Storch

Scott Storch
Scott Storch. Photo by Benjamin Lowy / Getty Images


December 16, 1979.

Growing Up

Scott Storch was born on Long Island, New York. His mother was a singer who performed under the name Joyce Carol, and his father was a court reporter. Scott Storch's uncle Jeremy Storch was a founding member of iconic 60s rock and soul regional band The Vagrants.  He has been playing piano since the age of 4. Storch decided to become a musician when he was in the fifth grade and the father of a friend paid him $200 for 5 minutes of piano playing.

Scott Storch became a Philadelphia-area recording session player as a teenager, and, in 1993, at the age of 18, he played keyboard for the group The Roots on their Organix album.

Early Success on Keyboards

The album Organix helped lead to a major record label deal for the Roots and more exposure for Scott Storch as one of the top keyboardists in hip hop. In addition Storch was discovered by Derek "LA" Jackson who became his manager. Throughout the mid to late 90's Storch's reputation grew in the hip hop community.

Breakthrough With Dr. Dre

In 1999 Scott Storch was hired by Dr. Dre to lay down the keyboard riff that anchors his comeback single "Still D.R.E." featuring Snoop Dogg. That put Storch's career on a fast track. He co-produced the single "X" by Xzibit  and 3 Snoop Dogg tracks to cement his reputation as a talented young producer. Dr. Dre has said ""Scott is the only producer to co-write with me that went on, without me, to become great."

Elements of a Hit

Scott Storch believes 4 elements are necessary for a sure-fire hit:

  • Realness - "The artist has to be believable for the audience to take a song seriously."
  • Simplicity - "Everyone gets and understands it."
  • Catchy hook - "It's got to be something the listener will remember."
  • Bounce - "Every club record needs a strong beat that'll make people dance."

    Hot Producer/Songwriter

    In the early years of the new century Scott Storch's career as a producer and songwriter took off dramatically. He was named ASCAP's songwriter of the year for 2004. Between the end of 2004 and early 2005 3 consecutive songs that Scott Storch co-wrote and produced went to #1 on the pop singles chart. These included the Terror Squad's "Lean Back," Mario's "Let Me Love You," and 50 Cent's "Candy Shop."

    Key Scott Storch Productions

    • 2002 - Christina Aguilera - "Fighter"
    • 2003 - Beyonce featuring Sean Paul - "Baby Boy"
    • 2004 - Beyonce - "Naughty Girl"
    • 2004 - Mario - "Let Me Love You"
    • 2004 - Terror Squad - "Lean Back"
    • 2005 - 50 Cent featuring Olivia - "Candy Shop"
    • 2005 - Chris Brown featuring Juelz Santana - "Run It!"

    Drug Addiction and Fading of Music Career

    In 2006, Scott Storch's personal fortune was estimated at over $70 million. However, he reportedly squandered over $30 million in less than six months when he curtailed his work in the music business and focused instead on a cocaine drenched personal life. His personal purchases included a private jet, yacht and multiple luxury cars. After being arrested for grand theft auto in early 2009, Scott Storch entered an inpatient rehab program and filed for bankruptcy.

    The drug-related problems continued, and in 2012 he was arrested on cocaine possession charges. In June 2015 he filed for bankruptcy once again.