Scrap Metal Shop Ghost

Photo: Taroni's Scrap Metal

Is this the face of a ghost in this haunted scrap metal shop?

It was during a photo shoot at Taroni's of Birmingham (U.K.) scrap metal business for its website that workers noticed with some surprise a face in one of the windows. The window facing out of a room in which car parts are stored appears to show the face of a woman or young boy, depending on who you ask.

Now I say "some surprise" because for several of the employees at the scrap metal shop the picture of the face is just further confirmation of the haunting activity they have experienced there.

Among the paranormal activity reported there are:

  • Papers and business documents moved by unseen hands
  • Mysterious bangs of unknown origin so loud that they echo throughout the building
  • Unexplained temperature drops
  • An upstairs washroom toilet that was somehow smashed to pieces, flooding the building

Lots of weird stuff, yet the building's security alarms never went off.

And as tough as many of the employees are at Taroni's, many of them express hesitation -- even fear -- of entering the allegedly haunted storage room. "I’d think twice about going up there at night," manager Chris Ward told the Birmingham Mail, "and one guy refused to go up there at all."

One customer, Ward says, came staggering out of the room as white as a sheet because he claimed to have seen "something" drift out of one of the walls.

Psychic mediums were brought in to help determine the identity of the ghost or ghosts in the Victorian-era building, and while some maintain it is the spirit of an old woman, others believe it is the ghost of a young boy who died in a fire in the building and is now trapped there.


Anomalous faces are often seen in windows. But the question is: Is it really the face of a ghost or is it merely a reflection of distorted shapes that the human brain interprets as a face -- a phenomenon known as pareidolia.

When considering an answer to that question, all of the evidence has to be taken into consideration, including the incidents mentioned above and the experiences of the employees.

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