Sean Dooley

Sean Patrick Dooley is a Nashville-based musician, writer and producer who has been actively involved in country music since 1994.


Sean is the head writer and producer for two nationally-syndicated country music radio shows, The Country Music Greats Radio Show, a weekly two-hour music and interview show, and The Country Music Greats Radio Minute. Both shows are hosted by Grand Ole Opry legend, Jim Ed Brown, and are broadcast in over 300 markets to a weekly audience exceeding three million listeners. Sean is also the editor-in-chief and head writer for Pure Country magazine, the world’s largest classic country music magazine. A guitarist and singer, Sean first started performing professionally at 15 and has lived and played in Dallas, Austin, Los Angeles and Nashville.

Sean Dooley

My life changed forever when my father bought me my first guitar, a Gibson Les Paul, on Halloween day in 1978. I was 13 years old, and from that moment on music has been an integral part of my life. Just two years later I was playing professionally in a band with other teenagers, performing everything from the light country-rock of The Eagles, Glen Campbell and Pure Prairie League to Hank Williams covers (both Senior and Junior). We’d even bust out the occasional Led Zeppelin or Van Halen rocker for the late-night rowdy bunch. One of our band’s founding members went on to play with the Beach Boys for 15 years, while his younger brother, the best man in my wedding, played with surf legends, Jan & Dean. Always a die-hard country music fan, I moved to Nashville from Los Angeles in 1994 and have happily worked in the industry ever since.

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